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Zhang Jinru: implement brand strategy & exert forces to build Shaoxing into a strong brand city
Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, stressed at the citywide commending conference on famous-brand products that Shaoxing should implement brand strategy in an all-around way, which was a practical action of carrying out the guiding principles of the 5th Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee of the Party and a concrete materialization of fulfilling scientific development outlook, and all departments at all levels should have a full realization, pay great importance, overcome difficults, make a long-term plan, jointly make efforts, and try hard to build Shaoxing into a strong brand city as soon as possible. Yang Ye, Vice Director of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, Shu Binyan, Vice Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Vice Mayor Xu Huanming, and Wang Yushu, Vice Chairperson of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, attended the conference.
Shaoxing has achieved remarkable accomplishments in brand construction this year. 14 products from citywide 14 enterprises have newly become China’s Famous Brands, accounting for 25 % of the whole province, newly-added number ranked the first in the whole province, and accumulative number hit 26, ranking the 2nd in the whole province. Shaoxing has five newly-added China’s Excellent Brands, tantamount to the total amount of previous years. Meanwhile, Shaoxing is hopeful to be chosen as one of the top ten cities of China’s Brand Economy according to the good news from the organizing committee of China’s Cities of Brand Economy.
Zhang Jinru pointed out at the conference that brand construction was a good thing, and relative departmetns should summarize experiences and make widespread propaganda. He said, “Deep implementation of brand strategy has promote rapid growth of Shaoxing’s ecnomy and society, the development of brand economy has provided forceful momentum for the blast-off of urban economy, boosted effective upgrading of industrial level, pushed rapid expansion of scale enterprises, and drived broad exploration of industrial culture. All departments at all levels should earnestly sum up the successful experiences of brand constructin and make more enterprises to paticipate in brand construciton. Implementing brand strategy is the need for enterprises to increase strengths, the need for Shaoxing to improve regional competitiveness, and the need for Shaoxing to construct advanced manufacturing base, all departmetns at all levels should further improve  ideological recognition, really pay great importance to brand construction, and make brand construction to be an efficient way of transforming growth mode of economy.”
Zhang Jinru stressed, “Brand construction is a difficult thing, relative departments should overcome difficulties and make long-term plans. If Shaoxing’s brand construction wants new breakthrough point, relative departments shoud exert forces to overcome three new difficults of changing ideas, creating characteristics, and technological innovation, espically those enterprisers should have determination of building famous brands, perservance of keeping famous brands, and ambition of challenging world famous brands, tangibly increase the input of technology, science and marketing, and exert forces to build top brands representing Shaoxing’s image. Brand construction is an actual thing, related departments should jointly make efforts to push it. During the period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, Shaoxing should be upgraded into the critical phase of prospering the city by brands from perospering the city by quality, motivate the strengths of the whole society, truly realize that the enterprises are volunteering to build brands, the governments are supporting brand building, the societies are concerning brand building, and the people are make joint efforts to build Shaoxing brands, and construct brand Shaoxing with Shaoxing brands.”

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