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Zhang Jinru stressed: take the most serious attitude, the most rigorous measure, and the strictest working style to prevent and control highly pathogenic avian influenza
Yesterday morning, at the working conference of preventing and controlling highly pathogenic avian influenza and cholera, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor, emphasized that all departments at all levels should earnestly implement the guiding principles of the Fifth Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee of the Party, fully recognize the high hazard of highly pathogenic avian influenza and cholera and the urgency of prevention and control, carry out the scientific development outlook in an all-around way, adhere to people foremost and putting prevention first, make great efforts to implement the measures of prevention and control, exert efforts to build the safety barrier of prevention and control, and ensure the safety of the people's life and health.  Vice Mayors Li Lu'er and Liao Juanqing attended the conference.
It's reported that on the grounds that the Municipal Party Committee and Government has paid great importance and made thorough deployments, all departments at all levels had always carried out the policy of 24 words, namely, "enhance leadership, closely support each other, rely on science, prevent and treat by law, group prevent and control, and resolutely take measures", swiftly organized and deployed as early as possible, and made great efforts in implementing all kinds of prevention and control measures. So far, there's no case of highly pathogenic avian influenza, no newly case of cholera and bacteria carrier in Shaoxing.  But regarding the existences of all kinds of factors, the prevention and control situation of Shaoxing is still facing serious challenges, and the tasks are quite pressing.
Zhang Jinru pointed out that all departments at all levels should further recognize the realities of the situation, and take the most serious attitude toward the prevention and control works. When it comes to epidemic prevention and control, it will never be enough for all levels to pay importance. On the one hand, all levels should fully recognize the high hazard of highly pathogenic avian influenza and cholera and the potential possibility of an epidemic happening. On the other hand, all levels should have a sight of the capability of preventing and controlling epidemic situations, as long as all levels take effective measures and are ready for replying to all kinds of accidental situations in their minds and actions, highly pathogenic avian influenza and cholera could be completely prevented and controlled.
Zhang Jinru requested that all levels should hold the emphasis, take the strictest measures to do the prevention and control works well, and ensure there’s no case of highly pathogenic avian influenza. All levels should do the five key jobs well to build a watertight line. Firstly, all levels should strictly do vaccination work well, and complete the vaccination of all poultry by the end of November. Secondly, all levels should well supervise circulating, and firmly cut the inflow and propagation of epidemic sources. Thirdly, all levels should strictly guard the detection and reporting of epidemic situations, establish and perfect four-level reporting network of animal epidemics at City, County, Town and Village, and initiate detection, reporting and early warning mechanism of epidemics. Fourthly, all levels should do contingency disposition well, further perfect the contingency program of accidental epidemics, and tangibly enhance the capability of contingency management. Fifthly, all levels should do group prevention well, and resolutely cut the inflow of bird flu. Five aspects of works should be highlighted to eliminate hidden dangers of cholera. Firstly, enhancing the construction of health infrastructure, the two key points of intake and outlet should be done, preventing the happening of cholera from the sources. Secondly, strengthening the health management on floating population, and paying importance to improving the living environment of migrant workers. Thirdly, enhancing the supervision and management of dietetic hygiene, and strengthening the supervision and control on dietetic hygiene. Fourthly,  enhancing monitoring and reporting of epidemic situations, and living up to early detection, early diagnosis, early quarantine, and early treatment. Fifthly, enhancing the building of contingency team,  
Zhang Jinru pointed out that whether preventing and controlling bird flu or cholera, the emphasis is rural area, the difficult is also rural area. For fundamentally preventing and controlling epidemics, all levels should take a long-term perspective, and keep a permanent cure in minds. At the present time, all levels should enclose the construction of new socialist country, strengthen environment improvement, and tangibly improve the living and production conditions of the countryside, especially guiding the farmers to foster fine health habits and enhance individual consciousness of prevention.
Zhang Jinru stressed that all departments at all levels should fulfill their responsibilities, do prevention and control works well with the strictest working style, further enhance leadership, ensure working responsibilities in places, enhance solidarity, ensure supporting works in places, keep longacting in minds, ensure supporting policies in places, guide by science, and insure propaganda in place.
On behalf of the Municipal Government, Vice Mayors Li Lu’er and Liao Juanqing signed responsibility letters of preventing and controlling highly pathogenic avian influenza and cholera with each County/City/District, Economic Development Zone, Paojiang Industrial Zone, and Jinhu New District. The Municipal Agriculture Bureau, and Health Bureau reported Shaoixng’s working circs of preventing and controlling bird flu and cholera, and Zhuji Civic Government introduced the working circs of preventing and controlling bird flu and cholera.

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