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The Schedule of the 2nd China Zhejiang Academic Festival
International Academic Conferences
International Laws and Regulations Seminar
Sponsor: Zhejiang Institute of Food
Co-organizer: State Food & Drug Administration, China’s Public Policies Committee of China Association of Policy Science, Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology
Time: Nov. 12-13, 2005
Site: Longshan Hotel, Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences
Size: 200 persons
Main contents: Inviting domestic and overseas experts of food safety, laws, and criterions to study and discuss food safety issues concerning the production of materials, processing, circulating, inspection and examination techniques, laws and regulations on food safety, government and supervision system, providing advices for the legislation of food safety law. 
Key topics and speakers:
“Accelerating the system reform and law construction of food safety” made by Du Gangjian, Professor of Zhejiang Gongshang University and Scholar of West Lake
“Some thinking about China’s legislation on Food Safety” made by Ye Yongmao, Advisor of Zhejiang Food and Drug Administration and Special Professor of Zhejiang Gongshang Univeristy 
“Overview of Aquaculture Food Safety Issues” made by MICHAEL JAHNCKE, Professor of Virginia Tech University, USA  “US Food Safety trends and regulations” made by Sharon Shoemaker, Professor of Davis School of the University of California
Contact: Li Jianrong  Tel: 0571-88071024-8571  Mobile: 13958086518
Address: No. 149, Jiaogong road, Hangzhou   Zipcode: 310035
2005’ Asia-Pacific Safe Production Conference
Sponsor: Asia-Pacific Safety Engineer Society (APASES), China Occupational Health and Safety Association (Former China Labor Protection and Sci-tech Association), National Key Lab on Explosive Calamity Prevention & Control (Beijing Institute of Technology)
Time: Nov. 2-4, 2005-
Site: Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences, Shaoxing Oriental Venice Hotel
Size: 150-200 persons (including 80 foreign guests)
Conference Topic: Asia-Pacific developments and future on safety science and technology  
Main Contents: ⑴ chemical safety;⑵electric safety;⑶mechanic safety;⑷construction safety;⑸environment safety;⑹safety management; ⑺risk evaluation and control;⑻other contents concerning safety.
Key Topic: On the Quantified Check Lists for Self-imposed Safety Management and Technical Safety in the Chemical Processing Industries
Key Speaker: Kazutoshi HASEGAWA
Contact: Huang Ping   Tel:010-68913997
Address: No. 5 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing  Zipcode:100081
E-mail:pghuang @263.net
2005’ International Conference on Sustainable Development of Circulating Economies and Regions
Sponsor: Chinese Ecological Society, China Society of Natural Resources, Zhejiang Science and Technology Association, Ecological Society of America
Co-organizer: Zhejiang University, Renmin University of China, AMB10 Magazine of Sweden Royal Institute of Science, Environmental Science & Forestry College of State University of New York, Agriculture and Life Sciences College of North Carolina State University, Zhejiang Ecological Society
Time: Nov.1-4, 2005-
Site: Hangzhou Jinxi Country Villa
Size: 200 persons
Main Contents:
1.Comprehensive planning and regional sustainable development
2.Sustainable utilization on natural resources and circulating economy
3.Ecological engineering and industrial ecology
4.Ecological system services and sustainable management
Key topics and speakers:
“Ecological province: efficient ways of regional sustainable development” made by Li Wenhua, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician of Euro-Asia Institute of Science, and Honored chairperson of the executive council of Chinese Ecological Society
“Construction of urban ecological system: challenges for sustainable development science” made by Nancy B Grimm, Chairperson of Ecological Society of America
Contact: Zhang Shidan Tel: 0571-85106941  Mobile:13858026033
Address: The building of Zhejiang Science Association,  No.8 Wulin Square, Hangzhou,   Zipcode:310003
Conference website:www.2005cersd.org.cn
In the meantime, 28 nationwide, regional, and provincial academic conferences as well as 10 local academic activities will be staged.  

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