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Zhang Jinru: increase strength of rebuilding China Textile City to expand influence
Yesterday afternoon, when investigating the work of rebuilding China Textile City, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, emphasized that related departments should further increase their knowledge on the importance of specialist market on regional economy, increase the strength of rebuilding China Textile City, further integrate resources, optimize configuration, and try hard to expand the influence of China Textile City, and make China Textile City to exert more efforts in Shaoxing’s economic and social development. Vice Mayor Xie Weixing joined the investigation.
Expanding the influence of China Textile City and accelerating the rebuilding of China Textile City have always been the big issue Zhang Jinru cares about. Since the beginning of the year, he has paid many trips to China Textile City to investigate rebuilding circs, and stressed many times in relate occasions the important function of rebuilding China Textile City on Shaoxing’s textile industrial restructuring. Yesterday, Zhang Jinru visited the Joint Market, Unite Consign Market of China Textile City, and Time Square again, he learned the circs of the project’s progression, later he presided over a symposium to debrief work report made by the principal of Shaoxing County Government. 
Zhang Jinru spoke highly of recent rebuilding work of China Textile City, and put forward 5 points of requirements on the nex step’s rebuilding work, namely, paying importance to building brand, effectively reducing business cost, vigorously expoiting operation domain, exerting great efforts in optimizing industrial position, and trying hard to create fine environment of neighboring businessmen.
Zhang Jinru stressed that China Textile City not only belonged to Shaoxing County, but also belonged to Shaoxing City, the whole province and the whole country as well. All departments at all levels should actively cooperate and go all out to support anything that promotes the development of China Textile City.  Related departments should integrate resources, gather factors, make all kinds of resources to amass in China Textile City, further exert the effects of industrial joint, and reach the goal of building one market, prospering one industry and enriching the people.

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