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Could tourists engage in some archaeological studies and do some excavation job in their traveling? How can they handle the situation when they find some scattered cultural relics, ancient ashes or tombs?

According to "Law on Relics Protection", it is regulated on the issue of archaeological studies and excavation as the following three points. First, according to Article 16 of "Law on Relics Protection", it is required to go through the procedures of reporting and approval for all archaeological studies and excavation work, and any unit or individual must not do the work without getting permission from the State. Any unit or individual must not take the unearthed relics as their own; second, according to Article 18 of the Law, in process of infrastructure and agricultural production work, all units and individual, if finding any cultural relics, should report to the local cultural administrative departments immediately; Third, according to Article 21 of the Law, all foreigners or overseas groups or organizations must not do archaeological and excavation work in People's Republic of China without special permission of the State Council after the report of the state cultural administrative department. In addition, according to Article 4 of "Provisional Methods on Research and Excavation work of Ancient Ashes and Ancient Tombs", if traveling groups, and research team sent by a scientific research organizations or other academic organizations find some ancient cultural sites or ancient tombs on midway or in their work, they should protect the sites or tombs as their original states and at the same time, report to local government which will then report to Ministry of Culture of China for further instruction. Without any instruction from the Ministry of Culture, they must not do excavation work. In accordance with the above laws and regulations, if tourists from both home and abroad find any scattered relics, ancient cultural sites or ancient tombs in their traveling, they must report to the local government, and must not do excavation work without getting permission, or squirrel away and take the scattered relics privately.

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