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Could tourists participate in any religious activities in traveling?

It is distinctly regulated in the chapter concerning basic rights and obligations of Chinese citizens from "Constitution of People's Republic of China" that "any state organs, social organizations or individuals must not force citizens to believe in or not believe in religion, or must not discriminate against those who have or have no religious beliefs." and that "normal religious activities are protected by the State." Thus, all citizens have freedom for religious belief, and they are free in believing in or not believing in religion. In china, all people, if they believe or do not believe in religion, or whatever religion they believe in, are equal politically and legally, and any state organs, social organizations or individuals must not interfere with the basic right of citizen. China is a country with a history of 5000 years in civilization and culture, and we boast numerous scenic spots and historic cultural cities, and a number of temples and places for religious activities. By abiding by relevant regulations from departments in charge of religion, tourists can participate freely in all kinds of religious activities; overseas tourists and religious traveling groups can contact with their Chinese counterpart to have religious exchanges and have religious rituals. Freedom of tourists for religious activities is protected by laws of China.

In traveling, tourist should abide by laws and regulations of China in their religious activities, conscientiously stick up for unified leadership of Chinese government, and maintain independence and integrity of China; no one can make use of religion to go for any counterrevolution activities and those doing harm to health of our people. When overseas tourists are traveling in China, they can attend religious rituals of China, but they can not do missionary work, or interfere with, let alone govern religious activities of China.

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