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Mayor Zhang Jinru published an article titled “Care Environment and Love Green”yesterday
The earth is the common home of human beings, and the green is the pursuit of every city. On June 5th, 1972, UN convened Global Environment Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, on which the attending representatives of various countries together released Declaration on Human Environment, setting a good example for globe protection and environmental protection. Hence, caring environment and green has become the common aspiration of the world’s people.
Today is the World Environment Day, whose theme of this year is “building the green city and protect the earth home”. For echoing the theme, State Environmental Protection Administration decided china’s theme of this year’s World Environment Day to be “Everybody participate in building the green home”.
To build the green home, we have the fine tradition. “Walking on the path of Shanyin, like traveling in the mirror”, from which we could see that our ancestors not only created the profound history and brilliant culture, but also left an ancient city of thousands of years with agreeable environment and pretty sceneries. 
To build the green city, we have made the persistent efforts. In recent years, we have insisted on the conception of sustainable development, emphasized the harmonious development of economic society and environment, implemented environmental reconstructions such as Comprehensive Regulating Project of Downtown Moat, founded a serial of ecological projects such as Xiaoshunjiang River Water Supply, continuously improved the urban and rural appearances, and further improve the people’s living quality. Shaoxing has successively won the titles of Demonstration City of State Environmental Protection, State Garden City, State Water-saving City and other titles.
To build the green city, we have a higher pursuit. Guided by the Scientific Development Conception, considering the situation, the Municipal Party Committee and Government, timely put forward the strategic objective of building the city with strong economy, city rich in culture, Ecological Shaoxing and Harmonious Shaoxing, explored and founded four comparatively perfect systems of ecological economy, ecological environment, ecological culture, and ecological scenery, and positively strived to build the State Ecological City and City of China Human Settlement Environment Award.
Building the ecological Shaoxing is the great measure of pushing taking the lead in development and realizing richening the people and city, and building the green city and green home is the objective we are chasing after all along. Presently, Shaoxing is facing the opportunity of speeding up the development, and the key period of environmental protection. We should further set up the correct conception of political achievements, and push the harmonious development among economy, society, and environment to benefit the people, guided by the scientific development conception. We should further transform the economic growth mode, optimize and adjust the economic structure, and try best to march out a new industrialized road with high scientific contents, fine economic benefits, low resource expenditure and environmental pollution, and full exertion of human resources. We should construct a society of resource-saving type, greatly develop the circular economy, and gradually form the productive and expenditure mode of saving type. We should further strengthen environmental protection, and intensify law enforcement strength, especially grasp pollution prevention works of the key drainage areas, key regions, and key fields, strictly control the discharge of pollutants, and gradually upgrade the environmental support capacity for economic and social development.
The environment affects everyone’s life, and thus environment protection needs the common efforts of us each. Let’s exert ourselves mightily to pay attention to the environment and the green, do something from these trifles and incidents beside us, with everyone participating, memorize the World Environment Day in actual practices, and together build the green home hand in hand.

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