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Zhang Jinru delivered a lecture at the press conference of the 7th Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium
In front of over 400 China and foreign journalists attending the 7th Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium and 4th China International Consumer Goods Fair in Ningbo, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, made a passionate speech to sincerely invite them to visit and invest in Shaoxing yesterday afternoon. In his speech, he said, “Today is the 100th day。Though it is not a long time, I have taken a fancy to Shaoxing from the bottom of my heart.” 
The 7th Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium and 4th China International Consumer Goods Fair were opened this morning in Ningbo. Before that, the organizing committee held a press conference titled “Vigorous Zhejiang, Harmonious Zhejiang, and Colorful Zhejiang”, which provided a stage for Mayors of Zhejiang’s Cities to communicate with China and foreign journalists. Eleven Mayors of Zhejiang communicated with journalist face-to-face on certain topics which can best reflect their characteristics on urban development. Yesterday six Mayors from Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Huzhou and Zhoushan delivered their lectures at the press conference. 
After playing a short filmed advertisement of Shaoxing, Zhang Jinru delivered a lecture titled “Environment Promotes Development, Serving You in Shaoxing”. He said that Shaoxing was a famous historical and cultural city with long history, great number of celebrities, and beautiful landscapes, bearing traditional landscapes of south Yangtze River, amorous feelings of Yue and profound cultural deposit, and it was a wonderful place for living, learning, enterprises, and sightseeing. 
After introducing Shaoxing’s successful measures of environment promoting development in detail, Zhang Jinru said, “Through morn than 20 years’ development since reform and opening-up, Shaoxing has formed preferable ecological environment, investment environment, service environment and social environment. Relied on rich resources of human culture, Shaoxing has been exploiting a batch of tourist and leisure projects. Supported by visible industrial advantage, Shaoxing has been speeding up the construction pace of building the advanced manufacturing base.” In his speech, he sincerely invited everybody to visit Shaoxing, sightseeing the native place of celebrities and beautiful scenes of the water city, tasting rice wine of the famous city, and establishing businesses and investing in Shaoxing. 
Zhang Jinru took up interviews of Shanghai Eastern TV and Takungpao after delivering a lecture. When a journalist asked him on the development direction of Shaoxing’s textile industry, he pointed out, “Shaoxing’s textile industry accounts for over half of citywide gross value of industrial economy, and textile industry’s development is vital for Shaoxing. Shaoxing should seize science and technology commanding heights of textile industry, optimize industrial structure of textile industry, efficiently push transformation and upgrading measures of China Textile City, try hard to occupy bigger market share and obtain higher added value in the new round development, and propel Shaoxing’s development.”

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