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Zhang Jinru: seize the opportunity to greatly advance the construction of conservation-minded society
Last afternoon, the State Council convened the videophone conference on doing recent key works well concerning building conservation-minded society. The conference carried out the spirits of the 96th session of the State Council and Circular of the State Council on Conducting Recent Key Works Well on Building Conservation-minded Society, mobilized and deployed the key works on building conservation-minded society. Wen Jiabo, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC, and Prime Minister of the State Council, made an important speech, and Zeng Peiyan, Vice Prime Minister of the State Council, presided over the meeting. Zhang Jinru, Vie Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Ding Shunsheng, Vice Party Secretary, and Vice Mayor Ma Zhong, attended Shaoxing sub venue meeting.
After the videophone meeting of the State Council, Lu Zushan, Vice Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor, put forward requirements in terms of how to act on the spirits of the videophone meeting. He stressed that we should improve the cognition, and further unify the thoughts onto the central policies and deployments; definitude the objective, emphasize the key points, take measures and steadily push various works on building conservation-minded society; intensify the organization, fulfill the responsibilities, grasp to the deep level, and strive to get the actual effect.
After the provincial meeting, Zhang Jinru pointed out that building the conservation-minded society was an opportunity, with abundance of commercial opportunities. All departments at all levels in Shaoxing should combine it with realty, seriously act on and carry out the spirits of important speeches by Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and Governor Lu Zushan. Shaoxing will convene a Working Meeting on Shaoxing’s Cycling Economy to conduct special deployment, and ensure the works to work in the practice; meanwhile fully exert t demonstrating and guiding function of the party and governmental institutions in the construction of conservation-minded society, build the atmosphere, and turn the activities, such as resources conservation and waste recycling and utilization, into the conscious actions of overall people, through propagandas.

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