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Zhang Jinru expressed: Shaoxing would never give up the textile industry
The success of the negotiation between China and EU made Shaoxing, which was influenced seriously in some days ago, reborn the hope again. Zhang Jinru, declared on the barely closed Zhejiang Investment and Trade Conference that Shaoxing would never give up the textile industry, which would remain the key point of Shaoxing’s industrial development henceforth. But he expressed that the strongly supporting measure of the government was not the support on aspects of capital, but upgrading the industrial structure of the textile industry in the trend. Statistics from Hangzhou Custom showed that in the previous 4 months, Zhejiang had exported textiles and apparels of 1.485 billion dollars to 15 countries of EU, including 0.15146 billion dollars belonged to limited products. It’s known that most of Zhejiang textile enterprises had recognized the importance of “doing hard work interiorly” and “extending markets into disparate fields”. Zhang Qingfeng, Deputy General Manager of Shaoxing County Huaxiang Textile Co., Ltd., said his company had recently reduced the output of products of chemical fibres, and transformed to the developing and producing of “unlimited” textiles. Meanwhile the company is still actively expanding the market space of Middle East, Russia, Japan and other places.

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