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Zhang Jinru stressed: create a favorable environment for development & progress side by side
Yesterday afternoon, Shaoxing Municipal Government convened principals of part industrial enterprises to have an informal discussion. Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, stressed that the more difficulties the development was faced with, the more the government and enterprises should fortify their confidence, advance despite difficulties, progress side by side, give mutual support, and try hard to create a favorable environment for development. Vice Mayor Yu Yonggu attended the symposium.
At the symposium, principals of Guangyu Group, Jinggong Group, and Tiansheng Shareholding Group introduced their production and business circs since the beginning of this year, exchanged plans of the next phase aiming at existing problems in the development, and tabled many ideas and proposals in terms of governmental service, supporting industrial enterprises’ development and so on. 
After hearing speeches made by the enterprises’ principals, Zhang Jinru pointed out that the enterprises’ development fundamentally decided the economic development level of a region. Shaoxing’s enterprises had experienced many hard times and overcome many difficulties during past development process, through which Shaoxing could create today’s excellent situation. In the face of new circumstances and difficulties currently, the government and vast enterprises should fortify their confidence, and work together to brain storm how to push development, especially to create an atmosphere of supporting enterprises’ development and respecting enterprisers’ innovative undertaking in the whole society by common efforts of government and enterprises. Vast enterprises should seize opportunities, turn difficulties to opportunities, transform pressure to dynamic force, and energetically contribute to sustainable development of citywide industrial economy with higher target location, more solid working measures. 
Zhang Jinru requested that when confronted with negative factors of the rise in the cost of raw material and factor constraint such as electric power and land, vast enterprises should enhance management, work hard to practice inner work, and walk out a intensive development road of low resource consumption, low environmental pollution, and high technological content by lowering production cost, exploiting inner potential and reducing consumption, depending on scientific and technological innovation, effectively exploiting market, and expediting capital management. 
In the end, Zhang Jinru hoped vast enterprisers would try hard to improve their own quality, insist on systematic procedure, do business by law, ad tangibly enhance sense of social responsibility. The governmental departments should take the opportunity of unfolding the activity of enterprises service year, develop related training work of laws and rules in vast enterprises especially in small and medium enterprises, lay a stable foundation for enterprises’ rapid growth, and ensure vast enterprises of Shaoxing could make more contribution in pushing reconstructing, improving staff quality, quickening scientific and technological innovation, and realizing intensive development.

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