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Zhang Jinru requested to tangibly improve development quality of industrial economy

Yesterday morning, the Provincial Government convened the videophone working conference on Provincial Industrial Economy. On the conference, Xi Jinping, Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Director of Provincial People’s Congress, made important instructions, and Lu Zushan, Vice Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Provincial Government, made an overall analysis on operation situation of Zhejiang’s industrial economy and current position, and deployed next step’s work. Zhang Jinru, Vice Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, and Vice Mayor Yu Yonggu attended the sub meeting of Shaoxing. 
When he delivered a speech at the sub meeting of Shaoxing, Zhang Jinru pointed out that all departments at all levels should comprehensively grasp the development trend of industrial economy. Since last year, Shaoxing has proactively accommodated the new situation of state macro-control, actively respond to new difficulties such as element restriction, and kept steady and fast growth of overall industrial economy. During the development period, new issues and difficulties emerged, which we should not ignore. While we see the achievements and be confident of faster development, we should also realize the issues, enhance crisis awareness, and sense of responsibility and pressure.

Zhang Jinru stressed that development measures of industrial economy should be earnestly implemented. Industrial economy is the main body of Shaoxing’s economy. The guideline of establishing the city by industry should be adhered to. All departments at all levels should firmly seize the carrier of building advanced manufacturing base, deeply implement Some Policies & Ideas to Fulfill Scientific Development Outlook and Promote Intensive Development of Economy, organize the series activities of innovation and development well, further speed up the transformation of growth mode, and tangibly improve development quality of industrial economy.
Zhang Jinru requested that governments at all levels should try hard to create a development atmosphere of jointly prospering industry. All departments at all levels should further create a fine development environment for enterprises, enhance sense of serving economy, serving enterprises, and serving the grassroots, timely provide policy support and services of information and talents, especially protect and guide enthusiasm of vast enterprisers well, exert everybody’s creativity, and actively create a fine social environment of cherishing enterprisers, being kind to enterprisers, and caring enterprisers.

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