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Zhang Jinru delivered the government work report at the 3rd Session of the 5th Municipal People’s Congress
On behalf of Municipal Government, Mayor Zhang Jinru delivered the government work report to the Session, and asked for deliberation and discussion. 
In his report, Mayor Zhang Jinru reviewed works of 2004. The year of 2004 was an uncommon year. Under the leadership of Municipal Party Committee and the supervision and support of Municipal People’s Congress and Political Consultative Conference, Municipal Government had firmly carried out strengthening and improving central macro-control policy, made in-depth implementation of Eight-Eight Strategy of Provincial Party Committee, solidified and depended on citywide people, seized opportunities, addressed difficulties, promoted development, retained the fine trend of reform and opening-up and economic and social development, and main objectives and tasks set by the 2nd Session of the 5th Municipal People’s Congress had been achieved successfully. In 2004, Shaoxing realized 131.39 billion yuan of gross value of production, up 15.3% year-on-year, and set a record of the recent seven years. Total financial revenue hit 12.88 billion yuan, including local fiscal revenue of 6.44 billion yuan, rose 20% and 27.5% respectively. Social fixed assets investment amounted to 62.5 billion yuan, increased 16.8%. Urban per capita disposable income reached 15642 yuan while rural per capita net income hit 6970 yuan, up 18.9% and 13.5% respectively. In last year, Shaoxing had been named as China's most charming city, and ranked 9th on the list of 2004 mainland's best business cities, meanwhile, Shaoxing ranked the 42nd on the comprehensive strength list of national core cities, and 3rd of provincial core cities. 
In the year of 2004, Shaoxing Municipal Government had adhered to taking scientific development outlook as guidance, central government enhancing and improving macro-control as opportunity, and development as the top priority, and made great efforts to works of three aspects. Namely, the three aspects were actively alleviating elements constrictions to promote intensive development, elevating urban construction level to promote comprehensive development, and emphatically enhancing social causes to promote harmonious development. Shaoxing Municipal Government had further enhanced government building while realizing outstanding economic and social progresses. 
Working objectives and total requests of 2005 were set down in the government work report. The year of 2005 is a vital year to push leading development and realize enriching the people and city, a vital year to roundly fulfill Tenth Five-Year plan and design the Eleventh Five-Year plan. In the new year, world economy keeps growing, national economy develops more soundly, Yangtze River Delta keeps enhancing its vitality, Zhejiang economy continues up-and-up, Shaoxing’s development faces opportunities, meanwhile, protectionism trend of world trade tones up, regional competition pricks up, and Shaoxing also faces serious challenges. 
Total requests of this year’s government work are to hold high the banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory and carry out the important thoughts of "Three Represents", carry out the guiding principles of the 4th Session of the 5th Municipal Party Plenary Meeting in an all-around way, closely encircle the leading development and realizing enriching the people and city to put the strategic deployment of 13458 into effect, lead the overall development situation of economy and society with scientific development outlook and Eight-Eight Strategy of Provincial Party Committee, try hard to optimize economic structure, transform economic growth mode, balance urban and rural development, build Shaoxing into a strong cultural city, advance the new round reform, construct a socialist harmonious society, constantly improve governmental capacity, and make great efforts to realize rapid development, leading development, and harmonious development. 
According to the total requests, Shaoxing Municipal Government will hold four fundamental tones. Namely, the four fundamental tones are to adhere to assault fortified positions and overcome difficulties, to adhere to innovative development, adhere to comprehensive and harmonious development, and to adhere to be pragmatic and work for the people. 
The main working tasks were constituted in the government work report. In this year, Shaoxing Municipal Government will emphatically do well in six aspects’ works. The six aspects are re-adjusting economic structure and pushing industries to a higher level, optimizing the allocation of resources and boosting intensive development, enhancing balancing strength and pushing the integration of urban and rural areas, accelerating reform course and pushing the marketization of system, innovating opening-up measures and pushing the internationalization of economy, and sticking to people oriented and pushing the harmony of society. 
Zhang Jinru also said in the government work report that Shaoxing Municipal Government would tangibly enhance the building of administrative capacity. In the new year, Shaoxing Municipal Government will carry out the important thoughts of "Three Represents" profoundly, seriously unfold the education campaign on keeping advanced nature of Party members, firmly establish correct power outlook and achievement outlook, seek truth and be pragmatic, be pioneering and innovative, and try hard to build Shaoxing Municipal Government into a service type government, and a government satisfying the people. Shaoxing Municipal Government will advance the administration according to law, optimize governmental service, enhance management and innovation, and keep clean and just.

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