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The 7th China Art Festival
The China Art Festival has been held six times since being inaugurated in 1987. Held every two years, it’s co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and provincial and municipal governments. This year, the 7th China Art Festival, which will be held from September 10 to 26, is being held in southeast China’s Zhejiang Province. As a city with a long history, Shaoxing was selected as one of the cities to host some of the activities at the art festival.

Since the festival is aimed at collectively demonstrating the highest achievements of Chinese culture and art, the Shaoxing government and people are devoted to preparing exquisite performances and attractive activities for the public. They are trying their best to adopt various art forms to fully reveal the extensive and profound local culture.

Mention Shaoxing, and Shaoju Opera comes to mind. The lyrics of Shaoju Opera are based on seven-character couplings and the local opera has its own complete arias and melodies. Shaoju Opera was created in Shaoxing around the mid Qing Dynasty and once had a repertoire of more than 300 operas, most of which were mythological stories and folk tales. Several decades ago, Monkey King Beats Lady White Bone Thrice was the representative work of Shaoju Opera. But, today, another piece The Monkey King Real or Fake will be performed during the closing ceremony of the festival on September 26, which is also based on world-famous Journey to the West, one of the four classic Chinese novels. Rewritten by the Zhejiang Shaoju Opera Troupe, the performance will feature a western orchestral accompaniment, modern dance and computerized tricks to deliver a brand-new Monkey King opera. It promises to be a feast for both the ears and the eyes.

As well as opera, Shaoxing is famous for its wine and is known as China’s Hometown of Wine. Shaoxing Rice Wine, has a history of over 2,400 years. The wine is made from top quality polished glutinous rice, top quality wheat, and the pure water from Shaoxing’s Jianhu Lake. It’s famous for its yellow color, mellow fragrance and taste. And like most good things in life, the wine gets better with age.

Exhibitions will be another effective way to present the different cultures of Shaoxing to visitors. During the 7th China Art Festival, there’ll be a book fair, photography exhibition, and an exhibition of historic relics. Since early times, Shaoxing has been a major administrative town. From 770 BC to 211 BC, it was capital of the ancient Yue State. Now, Shaoxing is known as the “Cultural State” because it was the birthplace of many famous scholars, writers and poets.

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