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Zhang Jinru: integrate tourism resources & accelerate building of strong tourist city
Yesterday morning, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing stressed at the summarizing seminar on tourism work during the National Day holiday that tourist industry is an environmental health industry, a sunrise industry and an industry enriching the people, and all departments at all levels should firmly establish the idea of enriching the city through tourism, further improve their recognition on the importance of tourist industry, innovate thought, plan in a whole, and try hard to create a new situation of Shaoxing’s tourist industry. Vice Mayor Xie Weixing and principals of relevant Municipal Departments attended the seminar.
It’s introduced that during this year’s National Day holiday, Shaoxing’s tourist industry was quite pleasing. Shaoxing totally received 147.61 million person-times of domestic and overseas visitors, and realized tourist income of 916 million yuan, respectively increased 30.49 percent and 35.10 percent year-on-year, while the average growth rates of Zhejiang Province were 24.1 percent and 27.8 percent. Shaoxing’s visitor flow and tourist income ranked the 3rd and 4th in Zhejiang Province. Besides a batch of old scenic spots kept benign development trend, new scenic spots such as Jinhu State-Level Urban Wetland Park, Village Leisure Resort of Daxianglin in Shaoxing County, Xishi’s Native Place in Zhuji City, and Shanxi Drift in Shijiadai of Shengzhou City were the popular tourist destinations. 
After hearing circs reports made by relevant departments, Zhang Jinru pointed out that since the beginning of this year, citywide departments at all levels have deepened their recognition on tourist development, and tourist market has kept prosperous, especially the rapid growths of visitor flow and tourist income during the National Day holiday, which is worthy of full confirmation. Meanwhile, all departments at all levels should soberly look at the problems and deficiencies, further improve recognition, strengthen leading, integrate resources, enhance marketing, and try hard to realize new development of Shaoxing’s tourist industry.
Zhang Jinru stressed that all departments at all levels should adhere to developing tourist industry with innovative idea. On the one hand, relevant departments should pay great importance to the innovation of tourist products, tangibly push the project construction of King Yue’s City, Rice Wine City, and the 2nd Phase of Luxun’s Native Place, and realize long-term and sustainable development of Shaoxing’s tourist industry. On the other hand, relevant departments should well do the innovation of tourist propagation and marketing, establish scientific marketing idea, pay adequate efforts in overall designing and propagation, fully exert resource predominance of Shaoxing’s tourism, absorb more modern elements, broaden extension, enrich intension, and upgrade the level of tourist development.
Zhang Jinru stressed that relevant departments should strengthen the research on the strategy of tourist development and planning, and further explore the tourist resources of Shaoxing as a water city of south Yangtze River Delta while exploring the tourist resources of Shaoxing as an ancient city with over one thousand years’ history. Relevant departments should integrate tourist resources, enhance interaction of principal tourist bodies, and jointly push the construction of strong tourist city. Relevant departments should take the opportunity of the festivals such as 2006’ China Yue Opera Art Festival, increase the introduction strength on Shaoxing’s tourism, attract more visitors to come to Shaoxing, and further build Shaoxing;’s tourist brand. Meanwhile, relevant departments should exert efforts to perfect supporting establishment of tourist elements, try hard to make new breakthrough in communication, shopping, and entertainment, increase the participation contents of tourist projects, and better exert driving force of tourism on other industries.

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