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China’s Yue Opera Art Festival kicked off last night

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government, undertaken by Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government, China’s Yue Opera Art Festival was ceremoniously opened last night at Shaoxing Grand Theater. Li Lanqing, former member of the Politburo's Standing Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, Xi Jinping, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, Vice Culture Minister Chen Xiaoguang, Jiang Lansheng, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ge Huanbiao, former Lieutenant General of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Xiao Baolong, Deputy Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province, Chen Min’er, member and Director of the Propaganda Office of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Li Qiang, member and Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Yu Guoxing, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, Vice Governor Sheng Changli, Xu Hongdao, Vice Chairperson of Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference, former Provincial Leaders Tie Ying and Sun Jiaxian, Municipal Leaders Wang Yongchang, Zhang Jinru, Huang Qiufang, Shen Yungu, Gu Qiulin, Shi Jixi and Xiu Xiaobo, and part artists and scholars attended the opening ceremony.
On behalf of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Government, Xi Jinping extended warm congratulations to the opening of China’s Yue Opera Art Festival in his speech. He said that Yue Opera was born in Zhejiang, prospering in Shanghai, spreading nationwide places, and having a good reputation in Southeast Asia and global Chinese society. Yue Opera is not only Zhejiang people’s invaluable culture treasure, but also a national cultural treasure cherished by nationwide people and global Chinese. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Yue Opera, China’s Yue Opera Art Festival greets guests across the world and presents excellent Yue dramas, which will vigorously push the innovative development of China’s Yue Opera. He said, “We should firmly grasp the advancing direction of socialist advanced culture, vigorously carry forward excellent national cultural tradition and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of vast cultural workers in the practice of building a harmonious culture, and constantly achieve new development in promoting Yue Opera Art and Zhejiang’s cultural undertakings.
Xi Jinping hoped that vast art groups and staff of Yue Opera would seize the opportunity of deepening cultural system reform and accelerating the construction of building Zhejiang into a culturally strong province, keep the innovative spirit of centenary Yue Opera to advance with times and pioneer and the human affection of taking root in the people and caring for the people’s livelihood, revivify spirit, forge ahead, and make new contribution to building Zhejiang into a well-off society in an all-round way and building a socialist harmonious society.
Vice Culture Minister Chen Xiaoguang said in his address that the centenary development history of Yue Opera is a history of constant inheriting, innovating, and developing. One hundred years ago, Yue Opera originated form a folk art of Luodichangshu in Shengzhou, Shaoxing, and now has become a art treasure of Chinese national traditional culture. Zhejiang’s people and Shaoxing’s people who are living in the birth place of Yue Opera have exerted positive efforts and made outstanding achievements for centenary Yue Opera. It’s of far-reaching meaning for the centenary pageant of Yue Opera to be staged in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, the hometown of Yue Opera and famous historical and cultural city. It will not only express the unique affection of the people in Yue’s hometown, but also reveal unique cultural environment and cultural deposit of ancient city Shaoxing. Furthermore, it will embody modern Shaoxing’s historical mission as the inheritor of centenary Yue Opera. Chen Xiaoguang said, “We believe that through our joint efforts, 2006’ China’s Yue Opera Art Festival will be anexcellent, unforgettable, and successful art feast. Yue Opera Art will be more prosperous and splendid.”
After the opening ceremony, the leaders and guests watched the large-scale literature evening titling Centenary Pageant of Famous Plays of Chinese Famous Yue Artists. The nationwide vast winners of Plum Blossom performed classical plays of representative Yue Dramas during all important development phases in the centenary history of Yue Opera, gaining warm applause and cheers from the audience again and again.
At 19:41pm,2006’ China’s Yue Opera Art Festival kicked off, and Xia Baolong, Deputy Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province, presided over the opening ceremony.
At 19:42pm,Vice Culture Minister Chen Xiaoguang addressed the opening ceremony.  
At 19:47pm, Xi Jinping, Party Secretary of Zhejiang Province, addressed the opening ceremony.

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