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Zhang Jinru stressed: upgrade city level & improve residential environment
Yesterday morning, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, stressed when inspecting key downtown projects that relevant departments should aim at perfecting city function and facilitating citizen life, accelerate the construction of key projects, fully exert demonstration and driving effects of key projects, and further upgrade city level and improve downtown residential environment.
Zhang Jinru firstly visited the third phase protection project of calligraphy saint’s native place which was just completed, and looked around residents’ houses. When knowing that during the protection project of calligraphy saint’s native place, underground rebuilding of pipes including electronic power, telecom, cable TV, road lamp, and tape water had been implemented, sewage had been integrated into urban sewage network, and sanitation facilities had been established in each house, he expressed his satisfaction, and required relevant departments to care and respect practical needs of the masses always, and build the protection project of the ancient city into a project enjoying ardent support of the people.
Zhang Jinru paid on-the-spot visited to the construction sites of Northwest Yue Road and West Suburb Road afterwards. Northwest Yue Road starts from West Shengli Road in the south, ends at Xiaxi Road in the north, and connects West Suburb Road. At the present time, the two roads have been basically completed, which will ease the traffic jam from south to north in the west part of the ancient city. At the construction site of Xiaxi Road, Zhang Jirnu inspected planting tree species and density in detail, and put forward requirements on project construction.
Zhang Jinru spoke highly of the construction of key downtown projects since this year. He pointed out that since the beginning of the year, facing new situation under macro-control, all departments at all levels have seized opportunities, conquered many difficulties, and done a large number of job, and all key projects have been advanced smoothly, which are worthy of full affirmation.
Zhang Jinru pointed out that relevant departments should take the winning of China’s Human Habitat Award as an opportunity, accelerate the implementation and perfection of supporting ecological, greenery, and sighting projects. Firstly, relevant departments should start from resolving the most concerned, immediate, and practical problems of the people, scientifically plan, and accelerate the construction of urban roads, historical streets’ protection, talent apartment, and environment improvement. Secondly, relevant departments should guarantee quality, further intensify awareness on quality and safety, elaborately make organization, scientifically deploy construction, earnestly do each job, make civilized construction, and not disturb the people and complete construction safely. Thirdly, during the process of project construction, relevant departments should strengthen supervision and management on surrounding illegal buildings, seriously investigate and handle illegal behaviors, enhance management on completed projects, do standard operation, and ensure key projects to exert their best effects.

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