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Zhang Jinru: increase rectification strength & eliminate hidden safe trouble
Yesterday morning, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, paid a special visit to Datang Town, Zhuji City, to inspect rectification work of enterprises. During the inspection he stressed that all departments at all levels should strictly implement the safety work responsibility system, adopt effective measures, further increase rectification strength, try hard to create an excellent environment of safe development, and make contribution for the better and faster development of Shaoxing’s economy and society. Vice Mayor Yu Yonggu, and heads of the Municipal Safety Supervision Department, Fire Prevention Department, and Public Security Department, joined the inspection.
Datang Town is the nationwide biggest production base of socks, with annual output of 1.6 billion pairs. Seventy thousand migrant workers and more than two hundred thousand employees are gathering in the 7 square kilometers’ area. Since the September, the comprehensive rectification campaign on security hidden trouble has unfolded among the enterprises. Up to the end of November, totally 1812 enterprises have been examined, 1042 enterprises have completed rectification work, and 32 enterprises have been shut down. The rectification work has achieved fruitful results.
Zhang Jinru visited Henaifu Modeling Factory firstly. At the back door of the factory, when he found hidden safety dangers, Zhang Jinru immediately required the head of the factory to make rectification, and warned that life is the most important, and they would regret if they leave the hidden safety dangers for convenience or for saving money, and demanded them to make rectification.
At Feiyi Socks Company Limited in Zhuji City, Zhang Jinru examined rectification work on workshop’s hidden trouble in detail, and checked the employee dorm on the second floor. When he saw the safety doors had been fixed on attack resisting glazing windows, he was reassured. Before leaving, he told the head of the company that with the expansion of the enterprise scale and profit increasing, the company should increase the strength on building standard workshops to ensure safer production and living environments for the employees. 
Zhang Jinru pointed out that since the beginning of the special rectification campaign, the situation of safety production had been improved remarkably. He stressed that all departments at all levels should deeply unfold rectification work from the height of implementing scientific development outlook and constructing a harmonious society. 

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