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Zhang Jinru: export enterprises should initiatively adapt to the situation & accelerate restructuring
On December 18, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, stressed when investigating key export enterprises that they should earnestly carry out the guiding principles of the Economic Work Conferences of the Central Government and Provincial Government, initiatively adapt to the changing situation, accelerate restructuring, expedite the transformation of growth mode, further implement scientific development outlook, and promote better and faster development of enterprises. Vice Mayor Yu Yonggu attended the investigation.
Both Hailiang Group and Shenying Company are the key export enterprises of Zhuji City. The two enterprises have taken the market as their orientation, adhered to building excellent traditional industries and giant hi-tech industries, vigorously pushed scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, achieved comparatively excellent accomplishments on self-run export, and maintained strong development momentum under the situation of continuously changing market.
Zhang Jinru visited Hailiang Group on the spot to know the production and operation circs, and convened and presided over a symposium afterwards to debrief the reports made by the heads of Hailiang Group and Shenying Company. Zhang Jinru spoke highly of the accomplishments achieved by the two enterprises, and pointed out that the Economic Work Conferences of the Central Government and Provincial Government which just concluded has anaylized current international and domestic situation in an all-round way, and nailed down the overall requirements, fundamental policies, and main objectives on economic work of the next year, giving out the direction for the next year’s work.
Zhang Jinru required that as the Central Government had made the important decision of leading overall economic and social development with scientific development outlook and the Central Government would map out policies according to the requirements of implementing scientific development outlook in the future, vast enterprises should enhance the assessment and grasp on macro situation, combine the implementation of scientific development outlook with enterprises’ development closely, shoulder social responsibilities tangibly, and make more contribution for local revenue growth and employment. 
Zhang Jinru stressed that at the present time, comparatively great uncertainty and certain potential risks existed under current international economic environment, vast enterprises should pay great importance to market issues, strengthen market research, predict market risks, closely enclose the requirements to accelerate restructuring with the priorities of market, product, and equipment and expedite the transformation of growth mode, further become larger and stronger, and try hard to improve market competitiveness.
When the symposium was about to conclude, Zhang Jirnu required that The Party Committee and Government of Diankou Town should seize the opportunity, map out perfect overall plan on urban development from the high starting point, take the Plan as a guidance, tangibly make progress, accelerate construction, and exert great efforts to citywide urbanization.

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