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Annual Meeting of the Seminar of China’s history on world war two held in Shangyu
The Annual meeting of the Seminar of China’s history on world war two was held yesterday in Shangyu. Xiang Shouzhi, General of the first generation of the People’s Republic of China, former Chief of Staff of Nanjing Military Zone, and Honorable Chairperson of the Seminar, attended the Annual Meeting, Xi Jinping, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress sent a congratulation letter to the meeting, Xia Baolong, Deputy Party Secretary of Zhejiang, Major General Wang Hewen, Chief of Staff of Zhejiang Military Zone, Wang Yongchang, Party Secretary of Shaoxing, Zhang Kehong, Chief of Staff of Shaoxing Military Subzone, and Party and Government Leaders of Shangyu City attended the meeting.
General Xiang Shouzhi said in his speech that the next year will be the 70th anniversary of the War of Resistance against Japan and the 80th anniversary of PLA's Army Building, the theme of this year’s meeting is world war two and Chinese national security strategy, and the convening for the meeting in Zhejiang has particular memorial meanings. Zhejiang was the old revolutionary base during the War of Resistance against Japan, PLA had processed large numbers of anti-Japanese battles, and Zhejiang people had made great sacrifice and contribution in the War of Resistance against Japan. He hoped everyone will cherish present hard-won peace, firmly remember the historical lessons, hold the flag of peace, cooperation and development high, earnestly implement strategic policies made by the Central Party, firmly safeguard world peace, try hard to build a socialist harmonious society, and promote common development of human being.    
In his congratulation letter, on behalf of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, Xi Jinping expressed warm congratulations for the convening of the annual meeting. Xi Jinping said that the Annual Meeting will explore and neaten the great achievements made by Zhejiang Party Organization and Zhejiang people during world war two, while process strategic study on the history of world war two and national security development, the Seminar paid such great importance to Zhejiang historical culture, which will surely promote Zhejiang’s scientific development, inspire Zhejiang people to keep leading position in pushing socialist modernization. Xi Jinping said in the congratulation letter, “We should firmly remember history, cherish peace, shape future, adhere to the leadership of Chinese Communist, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of the War of Resistance against Japan, walk on the road of peace and development, lead big economic and social development picture with scientific development outlook, try hard to build a socialist harmonious society, and make Zhejiang’s construction better.”
Xia Baolong, Wang Hewen, and Wang Yongchang addressed the meeting successively.
In his address, Wang Yongchang firstly extended warm welcome for the coming of Generals, experts, scholars, and all guests, and briefly introduced Shaoxing’s economic and social development. He pointed out, “Why we memorize the War of Resistance against Japan and recall martyrs is to safeguard hard-won peace much more, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of the War of Resistance against Japan, deeply implement the development strategy of taking the lead in development and realizing enriching the city and people according to the requirements of the Central Party and Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, no let down the expectations of  revolutionary forebears, push the construction of harmonious society in an all-round way, and create an even brighter future.”
Major General Xiao Yusheng, Undersecretary of the World Military Affairs Department of the Military Academy, presided over the opening ceremony of the Annual Meeting, 10 Generals of the People’s Republic of China, 11 Senior Colonels, Leaders inside and outside the Military Circles, relevant experts and scholars attended the Annual Meeting.

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