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Zhang Jinru: carry out the requirement of taking the lead & firmly advance the construction of new countryside

Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor, stressed at the symposium on the construction of new countryside of the 4th Session of the 5th Municipal Political Consultative Conference, that building new countryside made clear the determination and confidence of the Central to balance urban and rural development and address the issues concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers, deeply reflect the demand of the times on carrying out scientific development outlook and building a harmonious society, which required all departments should give full play to Shaoxing’s advantages of early starting in building socialist new countryside, clear the objectives, give prominence to the key points, and implement the measures to ensure Shaoxing’s leading development on the construction of new countryside in the whole province. Zhang Weibo, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, attended the symposium.
Enclosing Mayor Zhang Jinru’s report of About Shaoxing’s National Economy and Social Development in the 11th Five-Year, committeepersons from the Agriculture Circles of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference made their suggestions and proposals actively on the contents, ways, and channels of the construction of new countryside, and many of which were very good.
After hearing all speeches, Zhang Jinru pointed out that as an economically advanced region, Shaoxing possessed a good grounding of building socialist new countryside. All departments at all levels should tangibly improve farmers’ quality, integrate rural education resources, enhance technical training for farmers, do well in reducing the number of farmers, highlight the fostering of high-calibre modern farmers who meet the development requirements of the division of labor and trades of market economy with a certain culture and skill, in terms of the overall requirements of developing production, being well off, civilized countryside ethos, clean countryside appearance, and democratic management set by the Central. In the meantime, all departments at all levels should energetically develop rural economy, increase support strengths for giant agriculture enterprises, accelerate the development of leisure and sightseeing agriculture, and promote the prosperity of countryside and income increase of farmers.
All departments at all levels should increase the strengths of radiating urban civilization to rural, map out the layout of new countryside in an all-around way, push the integration of villages, accelerate the extension of urban infrastructure to rural, increase the strengths of financial transfer payment on agriculture, carry out the policies of offering more, taking less, and emancipating, guarantee the interests and benefits of farmers, establish a newly sound investment & construction system featuring the governments are dominant, the farmers are main body, and the society participate, firmly advance the construction of socialist new countryside, and ensure the realization of Shaoxing’s taking the lead in the construction of new countryside made by the Provincial and Municipal Governments.


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