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Zhang Jinru: reducing the labor cost in enterprises and accelerating the steps of introducing in the talents
In the afternoon of May 17th, Zhang Jinru, Vice Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, stressed when surveying urban talents’ apartment construction that we should fully realize the importance of the talents works, accelerate the talents’ apartment construction, and further reduce the high quality talents’ cost of the enterprises, to provide the intellectual support to the regional sustainable development. Qian Jianming, Member of the Standing Committee of Municipal Party Committee and Vice Mayor, and other principals of relative departments attended the survey.
Zhang Jinru successively surveyed Zhejiang Shaoxing Economic Development Zone and Paojiang Industrial Zone, investigating the construction circs of the talents’ apartment in two zones on the spot. Then, He presided over the symposium and heard the report by principals of Zhejiang Shaoxing Economic Development Zone, Paojiang Industrial Zone and other relative municipal departments.
It’s known that the talents’ apartment construction was one of the key works proposed in Government Work Report in 4th Session of the 5th Municipal People’s Congress. At present, each urban talents’ apartment constructions are proceeding smoothly, including Paojiang 1st phase talents’ apartment construction with constructive area of 15.3 thousand sq. meters and supporting house areas of over 3000 sq. meters, available for 340 graduates to live in and the first batch of 80 ones will reside in the beginning of July. The talents’ apartment constructions in other places are unfolding to the schedule as well.
Zhang Jinru pointed out that the talents’ apartment construction and accelerating the introducing in the talents were the needs of settling the scientific development conception, promote the self innovation, optimize the industrial structure, and strengthening the regional competitiveness; the needs of improving the citizens’ civilization degree, and enhancing the city’s level; the need of reducing the high quality talents’ cost of the enterprises to better serve the enterprises; and also the needs of solving the housing problems of the talents in Shaoxing and improving their living quality, and enhancing Shaoxing’s attraction for talents. All departments at all levels should fully realize the importance of the talents’ apartment construction, further unify the ideas, increase the strength, and accelerate this construction in the spirit of seizing every minute.
Zhang Jinru also stressed that the talents’ apartment construction should be people oriented, improve the quality, consummate the infrastructures and supporting public service establishments in accordance with the condition of the resident talents, and facilitate their livings; nail down the service orientation, give priority to the house renting service with high quality and low rent for the enterprises’ talents, and attract more talents to develop their undertakings in Shaoxing. 

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