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Asia Pacific Work Conference of World Energy Council convened yesterday in Shaoxing
Yesterday morning, Asia Pacific Work Conference of World Energy Council was held in Shaoxing International Hotel. Officials from World Energy Council, representatives and delegations from 14 countries and areas such as US, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, representatives from domestic units such as China Huaneng Group, China Nuclear Industrial Group, Nation Power Grid Company, China Petrol, and Sinopec totaling over 70 members attended the conference. Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Committee and Mayor of Shaoxing, and Vice Mayor Yu Yonggu met with relevant officials of World Energy Council, experts and scholars. Vice Mayor Yu Yonggu attended and addressed the conference.
In the afternoon, Zhang Jinru and Yu Yonggu met with officials of World Energy Council, experts and scholars, including Mr. Robert, Project Guider of the Research Committee of World Energy Council, and Bei Rongchun, Deputy General-Secretary of China National Committee of World Energy Council.
On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Government, Zhang Jinru extended warm welcome to the officials from World Energy Council, experts and scholars who were attendeing the conference, and briefly introduced Shaoxing’s social and economic development circs. Zhang Jinru expressed that during the 11th Five-Year, Shaoxing would vigorously push the construction of circulation economy, unfold technological innovation with energy saving and reducing as its key point, organize to carry out the construction of a batch of energy-efficient and environment-friendly projects, disseminate a batch of new technology, new products, and new technics of energy saving, and promote comprehensive intensive utilization of energy.
Mr. Robert and Bai Rongchun expressed their gratitude for Shaoxing’s efforts in undertaking the conference. They said that energy issue was increasingly important, in the process of addressing practical problems, local governments were particularly critical. Energy technological development and policies, and supply-demand relation study on Asia Pacific area about the year 2050 and world energy market would be discussed at the conference, which would provide beneficial reference for solving the increasingly prominent issue of energy supply-demand contradiction.
Aiming at exchanging development and utilization strategies of all kinds of energy and macro economic policies on environment protection, energy, and social development, studying the important relation between energy industry and national economy, and promoting energy safety, efficient, and sustained supply, World Energy Council is the world authoritative organization of exchanging, coordinating, and controlling macro energy policies, and World Energy Convention is convened every 3 years. China acceded World Energy Council in 1983.
During the two-day conference, representatives attending the conference would unfold discussions enclosing supply-demand relation of Asia Pacific area in about 2050 and global energy market, and hi-tech support and policy orientation in energy development, which would provide important research results for finally forming World Energy Report in next year’s 20th World Energy Convention.

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