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National Work Conference on Textile Industrial Cluster held
Shaoxing County has become the focus of national textile industry again. Yesterday morning, China Textile Industrial Association convened the National Work Conference on Textile Industrial Cluster in Shaoxing County. The main content of the conference is taking scientific development outlook as guideline, further summarizing development experiences of textile industrial cluster, recommending the advanced, probing how to carry out the development objectives of the 11th Five-Year Plan on textile industry, and major works of upgrading cluster industry, and promoting faster and better development of textile industry. Du Yuzhou, Chairperson of China Textile Industrial Association, Jin Deshui, Vice Governor of Zhejiang, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, and Xu Huanming, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Party Secretary of Shaoxing County.
The National Work Conference on Textile Industrial Cluster staged by China Textile Industrial Association is a high-level communication pageant of nationwide textile industrial system, which would certainly vigorously push better and faster development of Shaoxing’s textile industry. It’s learned that 104 nationwide textile industrial bases, leaders from the Counties, Districts, featured Cities (Towns), principals of 18 special markets, and principals from part Provincial and Municipal Associations and relevant enterprises totaling 500 members attended the work conference.
Zhang Jinru said in his speech that Shaoxing had been developing with industry as leading role and textile as characteristic, the aggregate of textile industry accounted more than 50 percent of citywide economic aggregate, especially Shaoxing County’s aggregate of textile industry accounted more than 70 percent of overall economic aggregate of the County.
In recent years, as a result of the price rising of raw materials, demand varying of textile industrial market, and international trade conflicts, textile industry is facing a few difficulties in the process of development, we are still convicted that Shaoxing had comparative advantage in textile industry, and Shaoxing could take the preemptive opportunities in hi-tech and application of textile industry. We would seize the opportunity of the convening of the work conference, closely enclose the objective of building Shaoxing into international textile capital, further increase the strength of upgrading textile industry, accelerate the rebuilding and upgrading of China Textile City, energetically seize the commanding point of textile science and technology, and try hard to build Shaoxing into a demonstration area of accelerating industrial restructuring and promoting textile industrial application of hi-tech.
At the work conference, six representatives of textile industrial clusters including Shaoxing County made typical speeches, meanwhile, the units and individuals who had made outstanding contribution to the development and progress of textile industrial clusters were commended.

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