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Zhang Jinru: attach great importance to energy saving & consumption reduction to push the construction of a conservation-minded society
The Provincial Government exclusively convened the videophone conference on Zhejiang’s energy saving & consumption reduction work yesterday afternoon. Lu Zushan, Deputy Party Secretary and Governor of Zhejiang Province, delivered an important speech, Vice Governor Jin Deshui presided over the conference, and Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, attended the sub conference of Shaoxing.
In recent years, the Municipal Party Committee and Government have paid great importance to the work of energy saving and consumption reduction and exclusively unveiled the Some Opinions on Pushing Circuited Economy & Upgrading Industrial Economy’s Development, and the Municipal Finance annually arranged 5 million yuan for encouraging enterprises to implement circulated economy’s projects and unfold campaigns on energy saving and consumption reduction. Meanwhile, relevant departments have organized to unfold pilot projects on circulated economy, building on green enterprises, and activities on energy saving contest, and developed the construction of a great number of energy saving and environmental protection projects. Citywide energy saving and consumption reduction work has achieved remarkable accomplishments.
After the conclusion of the Provincial Videophone Conference, Shaoxing Municipal Government convened a meeting to make special deployment. Zhang Jinru pointed out that relevant departments should vigorously unfold energy saving and consumption reduction, which is a substantial embodiment of carrying out scientific development outlook and building conservation-minded society, an important content of transferring economic growth mode and pushing circulated economy’s development, and also a practical need of alleviating current energy and environment constraints. Under the new situation, relevant departments should have sober-minded recognition on energy saving and consumption reduction work, mentally attach greater importance to it, adopt more pragmatic measures, and try hard to make greater progress.    
Zhang Jinru requested that relevant departments should aim at reducing GDP energy and consumption strength, vigorously develop the tertiary industry and high-tech industry with low energy consumption and pollution, and high benefit, firmly wash out lagged, guide enterprises of larger energy consumption with annual energy consumption over 50 million tons standard coals, pay importance to a batch of demonstration enterprises of energy saving type and cleaning type, well organize energy saving technological breakthrough with commonness and key importance, organize a batch of key demonstration projects on energy saving technological progress and application, accelerate the implementation of a batch of key projects onenergy saving, consumption reduction and circulated economy such as garbage power and comprehensive utilization of garbage, and build a batch of recycling bases of renewable resources. Relevant departments should take the opportunity of establishing the Join Conference on Energy Saving and Consumption Reduction Work, carry out responsibilities, strictly do management, intensify encouragement, fully exert the guideline function of government, aim at trying hard to be enterprises of conservation-minded, circulated, and environmental protection types, guide key energy consumption enterprises and units to accelerate the construction of energy management system, and fully exert the main function of enterprises.      
Zhang Jinru stressed that now it’s June, all departments at all levels should seize key jobs, breach weak links, take forceful measures, effectively integrate restructuring, industrial input and energy saving and consumption reduction together, exert efforts to paying emphasis on economy, go all out to promote development, and try hard to realize faster and better development of Shaoxing’s economy according to the tasks and objectives of the whole year.

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