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Zhang Jinru stressed yesterday: exert efforts in self-innovation & build Shaoxing into a city with strong brands
Yesterday morning, Zhang Jinru stressed at citywide work conference on brand building that carrying out brand strategy was an inevitable choice for upgrading competitiveness of an enterprise or region, which was also the objective need for carrying out scientific development outlook and transforming economic growth mode. Relevant departments should further deepen brand strategy, develop brand economy, build Shaoxing into a city with strong brands, and promote faster and better development of Shaoxing’s economy. Wu Ganbin, Deputy Director of the Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Yang Ye, Deputy Director of the Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau attended and addressed the conference. Vice Mayors Xie Weixing and Yin Yongjie attended the conference.
It’s learned that to the end of 2005, Shaoxing had 15,710 applied and registered trademarks, 14 China Renowned Trademarks, and 26 China Famous Brands, 10 brands listed by the Commerce Ministry as Key Famous Export Brands for Cultivation and Development, and its number of China Renowned Trademarks topped Zhejiang Province. Shaoxing had 14 newly-built China Famous Brands, and won the honorable title of China’s City with Brand Economy, becoming one of ten national cities with brand economy.
Zhang Jinru gave full affirmation on the results of the building work on brand. He pointed out that through citywide joint efforts, Shaoxing had formed a batch of brand groups, fostered a batch of new and high-tech products, built a batch of skeleton enterprises, enlarged a batch of pillar industry, and accumulated rich experiences on brand building. Shaoxing adhered to governmental guideline and enterprises being the main body, walked on a brand building road of enterprises taking initiative, government making promotion, departments jointly making cooperation, and social interaction, adhered to quality foremost and self-innovation, found out the establishing foundation of brand development, persisted in paying great importance to marketing and exerting efforts, established the benefit idea of brand operation, persisted in encouraging brand building and protection intellectual property rights, and created fine exterior environment for brand building.
Zhang Jinru pointed out that relevant departments should earnestly analyze the status quo of Shaoxing’s brand building, nail down the direction of brand building, earnestly carry out Some Opinions on Further Accelerating Brand Development recently issued by the Municipal Government according to the strategic deployment on building Zhejiang into a province with strong brands made by the Provincial Party Committee and Government, try hard to make breakthrough in brand building, and accelerate to realize the new leap forward from the City with Big Brands to the City with Strong Brands.
Zhang Jinru stressed that relevant departments should exert efforts in self-innovation, and accelerate to build Shaoxing into the city with strong brands. Relevant departments should do five grasps well. First, relevant departments should grasp quantity expansion on the one hand, and grasp quality upgrading on the other hand, pay great importance to wide field and broad coverage of brands, further enlarge brand scale, attach great importance to quality upgrading of brands, foster strong brands, and accelerate build a few world-level famous brands. Second, relevant departments should grasp the cultivation of single brand on one hand, grasp the building of regional brand on the other hand, encourage the enterprises with famous brands and renowned trademarks to make themselves bigger and stronger through purchasing, merging, stock holding, and conglomeration, and encourage industrial associations, commerce chambers and giant enterprises to take the lead in building region brand of industrial cluster. Third, relevant parties should grasp self-innovation on one hand, grasp the commercialization of research findings on the other hand, encourage enterprises to take the market as a guide, increase sci-tech input, upgrade self-innovation capacity, try hard to boast brands with proprietary intellectual property rights and core technology in each advantageous industry, and encourage enterprises to timely transfer sefl-innovation results into technological standards, industrial and vocational standards, and try hard to be the industrial pacemaker. Fourth, relevant parties should grasp brand building on one hand, grasp advertisement and marketing on the other hand, further increase input on advertisement, pay great importance to package and marketing of products, and enhance inner building of brand. Five, relevant parties should grasp service on one hand, grasp supervision and management on the other hand, fully exert the policy guiding function of finance and taxation, inspire enterprises to vigorously foster and develop brand products, strengthen quality supervision of products, intensify intellectual property rights’ protection, and create a social atmosphere of honoring brand protection and building and dishonoring fake making and selling.
Shaoxing County Government, Datang Town of Zhuji City, Xilinmen Group, Zhejiang Babei Group Limited Company, and Zhejiang Yankon Group Limited Company made exchanging speeches at the conference.

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