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Zhang Jinru stressed when investigating Paojiang Industrial Zone: make the secondary industry bigger and stronger & accelerate the development of the tertiary industry
Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, stressed when investigation Paojiang Industrial Zone that the secondary industry should be made bigger and stronger, and the tertiary industry’s development should be accelerated, and downtown economy should be pushed to realize faster and better development. Vice Mayor Yu Yonggu, YinYongjie, and leaders from relevant departments joined the investigation.
Zhang Jinru pointed out that industrial economy was the main body of Shaoxing economy, which was also the premise and base for gathering people and developing the tertiary industry, the growth rate and quality of industrial economy directly relate to the development level of downtown economy. All departments at all levels should further unify thought, improve understanding, adhere to the guideline of establishing the city through industry, always take industrial economy as top priority of economic work, try hard to increase aggregate and improve quality, and promote faster and better development of downtown economy. 
Zhang Jinru stressed that making the secondary industry bigger and stronger should establish fine development platform. The development quality of development zones (parks) should be further improved, and the development zones (parks) should be built into the main position of developing industrial economy through scientifically mapping out the plans, accelerating supporting construction, gathering advantage industries, and elevating the entry requirement of environment protection. Paojiang Industrial Zone should further carry forward Paojiang Spirit, and spare no time to do tangible work. At the present time, the advance of projects should be particularly accelerated. Paojiang Industrial Zone should try hard to realize the second prosperity and keep going forward among citywide development zones (parks), contributing more for downtown and citywide economic development.
Zhang Jinru stressed that making the secondary industry bigger and stronger should further do investment promotion well. Presently, when we introduce foreign investment, we also should pay great importance to introducing domestic investment. Besides definite regulations made by superior, the introduction of domestic investment should be treated equally as foreign investment in principle, especially guiding Shaoxing enterprises running business in outside Shaoxing to invest in hometown. Economic growth mode should be tangibly changed, the work of choosing merchants and introducing investment should be earnestly done, major projects with high technological content, good development prospect, and strong driving power should be introduced particularly to optimize investment structure, accelerate restructuring pace, and promoting the transformation of economic growth mode.
Zhang Jinru stressed that making the secondary industry bigger and stronger should fully exert the principal function of enterprises and the security function of government. Enterprises are the main body of industrial economy, the principal part of input, and also the principal part of innovation. The government should guide enterprises to make rational input, accelerate self-innovation, inspire enterprises’ input potential, development vigor, and market competitiveness. Meanwhile, all departments at all levels should actively and forwardly do service work well for enterprises’ development and projects’ construction, try hard to improve efficiency, alleviate the constraint of factors, reduce business cost, increase contacts and communication with enterprises, create fine environment for enterprises’ development, and provide effective security.
Zhang Jinru emphasized that when we were making the secondary industry bigger and stronger, we also should further accelerate the development of the tertiary industry. The tertiary industry is an important economic growth point of downtown economy. Location advantage and historical and cultural advantage of the central city should be fully exerted. Relevant departments should adhere to market orientation, base on the features of the city and population, accelerate to develop the tertiary industry such as commercial and trade tourism, optimize downtown economic structure, and enhance development potential. 
Mayor Zhang Jinru also made on-the-spot coordination for some specific issues in Paojiang Industrial Zone.

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