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Zhang Jinru: enhance the sense of emergency, perfect early warning system, & intensify disposition capacity
Yesterday morning, the Municipal Government convened the study meeting on contingency response management work. Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, stressed on the meeting that enhancing contingency response management was a major event concerning the overall situation, and relevant departments should perfect early warning system, intensify training and drilling, enhance disposition capacity, and try hard to create a safe, stable, harmonious development environment. Qian Jianmin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor of Shaoxing, Vice Mayors Xie Weixing, Liao Quanqing, Yin Yongjie, and Zheng Jiwei, and Xu Mingguang, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, attended the meeting. 
It’s learned that Shaoxing’s contingency management work had been constantly intensified in recent years. In the year of 2003, Shaoxing took the lead in mapping out Shaoxing’s Plan for Rapid Response to Economic and Social Emergencies in Zhejiang. Since last year, the Municipal Government convened three times of Executive Meeting to study and deploy contingency response work, edited and completed the Overall Plan for Rapid Response, fixing early earning plans for 43 items of 5 varieties, 7 items of which had been formally issued. Shaoxing also had unfolded contingency response drills on aerial defence, accidents of danger and chemical products, and flood prevention, exclusively establishing the contingency response management office of sudden public accidents under the Municipal Government for further enhancing comprehensive coordination of contingency response management.
At the study meeting held yesterday, Chen Rong, Director of the Contingency Response Office of the Provincial Government made a tutorship report on contingency response management upon invitation. He expounded the traits of public sudden accidents and the importance, emergency, and major measures of enhancing contingency response management in a simple way with vivid examples, full and accurate data, and precise theories.
Zhang Jinru stressed at the meeting that enhancing contingency response management would increase the capacity of government to guarantee public safety and dispose public sudden accidents, which was a urgent need for fully fulfilling the functions of government, and also a substantial practice for safeguarding the interest of the most vast masses. All departments at all levels should further unite thoughts, increase consciousness, put the contingency response management at the important schedule, and try hard to do the great event well.
Zhang Jinru stressed that the early warning system should be further perfected. Relevant departments should take the mapping of the plan for rapid response as a basic work, pay great importance to it in the mind, seek systematic and pragmatic, live up to vertical to the end and horizontal to the border, increase prediction, scientific nature, and maneuverability. After the plan comes, training and drilling should be further enhanced, constantly perfecting the plan in the practice and increase the capacity of contingency response management. Meanwhile, relevant departments should further intensify the propagation on the plan and related contingency response knowledge, and increase the contingency response consciousness and self-saving capacity of the whole society.
Zhang Jinru stressed that when disposing sudden public accidents, relevant departments should pay great importance to information work, live up to swift response and efficient disposition, and buy time and reduce loss to the greatest extent. All departments at all levels should earnestly fulfill their responsibilities according to the plan, enhance coordination and cooperation, and tangibly ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.
All Deputy Secretary-Generals of the Municipal Government, principals of the Organization Departments and relevant departments of the Municipal Government also attended the meeting.

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