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Zhang Jinru: provide excellent services & ensure safe operation
Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, stressed when investigating the Municipal Gas Industrial Group yesterday afternoon, that relevant departments should enclose the objective of stability and security, high quality and low price, and balancing urban and rural development, exert efforts to push the construction of gas network, try hard to make more people use high quality natural gas as soon as possible, and make new contribution for Shaoxing’s scientific development, balanced development and harmonious development.  
Zhang Jinru paid on-the-spot surveys in the natural gas valve station and computer station control system of Shaoxing Natural Gas Investment Company Limited under the Municipal Gas Industrial Group, and debriefed situation report made by principal of the Municipal Gas Industrial Group. Currently, the Municipal Gas Industrial Group has 200 thousand gas users, including more than 180 public construction and industrial users, primarily forming a urban gas supply management and service system with broad coverage, high security, and excellent service quality.
At the present time, a valve station of natural gas, a set of computer station control system, two high pressure channels with each span of 30 kilometers, and seven middle or high pressure adjustment stations and valve chambers in Donghu and Keqiao of the 1st phase project of natural gas utilization, have been completed, and Shaoxing became the first city along Hangzhou-Ningbo line having the condition to receive upper natural gas.
Zhang Jinru spoke highly of the construction accomplishments of urban and rural gas network. He pointed out that the project of Shaoxing’s urban and rural gas network had been getting on smoothly, taking the lead in construction progress, gas quality, and gas utilization index with relatively high satisfaction of vast citizens and enterprises, which could not be separated from the efforts of the whole cadres and employees of the Municipal Gas System. The construction of gas network concerns vital interests of citywide people, meanwhile, it is a high-risk industry, and vast employees in the industry can not spare no efforts in their work.
Zhang Jinru put forward requirements on the construction of urban and rural gas network. He required relevant departments should ensure smooth and effective gas supply. From the perspective of helping government to get over difficulties and safeguarding citywide safety, relevant departments should actively strive for supply quantity target of upper nature gas, earnestly do gas supply work well, ensure no gas shut, and satisfy the people with gas. Relevant departments should ensure safe and smooth gas supply. To guarantee safe operation of gas network is the premise and foundation of all works. It will never be too much for relevant departments pay great importance to safety issue at any rate. Enough safe production equipment and personnel should be equipped, relevant personnel should operate in accordance with regulations and standards, strictly prevent hidden dangers such as leakage and spark, ensure no safety accidents. Relevant departments should make scientific planning and reasonable construction, exert efforts in gas network planning according to high standard, push the construction of following projects in high quality, constantly expand gas coverage, strengthen management, reduce cost, ensure gas supply with high quality and low price, try hard to realize scale merit through vigorously developing lower user market, especially big industrial and public construction users, meanwhile, relevant departments should enhance interior management, strive to dig potential and lower consumption, make the people better access to more affordable excellent natural gas.

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