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Press conference of China Yue Opera Art Festival held in Beijing
In October this year, the Ministry of Culture and Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government will ceremoniously hold 2006’ China Yue Opera Art Festival. Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government held the press conference on China Yue Opera Art Festival yesterday in Beijing. Lu Yaolu, Vice Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Culture, Zhao Heping, Assistant Inspector of Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Office, and Municipal Leaders Wang Yongchang, Tan Zhigui, and Zheng Jiwei, attended the press conference. Deputy Party Secretary Gu Qiulin presided over the press conference.
It’s reported that for celebrating the centenary anniversary of Yue Opera, a series of memorial activities were staging nationwide, which would shape two peaks in March and October. On March 27, the birthday of Yue Opera, the memorial conference of centenary Yue Opera was ceremoniously staged in Zhejiang, meanwhile, in the hometown of Yue Opera, a series of root seeking activities titling centenary Yue Opera was held in Shengzhou, unveiling 2006’ China Yue Opera Art Festival. A series of activities of Yue Opera Festival and main contents during Yue Opera Festival will be staged in Shaoxing.
It’s learned that the Yue Opera Festival included two series of culture and trade, with 26 activities. Culture series consisted of two parts of pre-festival and mid-festival with 19 activities, namely, the 4th Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai Great Exhibition Performance of Claissical Yue Dramas, the 10th Shaoxing Yue Opera Festival, and Ten Thousand Li’s Travel of Centenary Yue Opera, and mid-festival activities such as opening and closing ceremonies of Yue Opera Festival. The series trade activities of Yue Opera Festival mainly included 7 activities suth as the Textile Expo, the 2nd Zhejiang Landscape Tourism Festival & Shaoxing Amorous Feelings Tourism Festival of Water City and Rive Wine Festival.
Party Secretary Wang Yongchang said after introducing Shaoxing’s basic circs on economic and social development, that one hundred years’ development history of Yue Opera is a history of constant inheritance, constant innovation, and constant development. Prospering and developing Yue Opera art is of great importance to carrying forward Shaoxing’s regional culture, pushing the construction of building Shaoxing into a culturally strong city, upgrading the city’s soft strength, and building a harmonious society.
Wang Yongchang said that Shaoxing people have a kind of particular deep-going feelings for Yue Opera, and shoulder the historical responsibility and glorious mission as the descendants of centenary Yue Opera. For well staging the China Yue Opera Art Festival, Shaoxing will make a general mobilization, go all out to manage the festival, borrow power in an all-round way, try hard to greet the grand festival with open heart, prosperous economy, and brand-new appearance, and civilized image, and make the Yue Opera Art Festival a wonderful art gala.
At the press conference, Wang Yongchang introduced the five features of the Yue Opera Art Festival. First, relevant departments will try hard to manage the Yue Opera Art Festival to be an art pageant with orderly organization, safe activities, clear-cut features, and rich and colorful contents, according to the standard of state-level art pageant, and the requirements of first-class performing scene, top-ranking performing plays, first-class organization and planning, top-ranking reception and services, and first-class city image. Second, the festival will give prominence to the topic of Yue Opera. During the festival, a series of rich and colorful activities enclosing the theme of Yue Opera will be unfolded to fully embodying the time characteristic, excellence, and openness. Third, the festival is a festival for people. A series of popular mass activities will be organized, and the festival will be managed into a gala for the people to take participate, enjoy and satisfy. Fourth, regional features will be presented during the festival. The unique cultural charms of Shaoxing as the hometown of Yue Opera will be fully revealed, and the regional feature of Shaoxing combining the water city of south Yangtze River Delta, historical culture and modern civilization will be presented. Fifth, the festival resources will be integrated to drive relevant trade activities such as Rice Wine Festival and Textile Expo by Yue Opera. The benign interaction between culture and economy will be realized.
Wang Yongchang expressed that Shaoxing would elaborately organize the festival, fully exert the platform function of Yue Opera Art Festival, make it a brand-new starting point of developing and prospering Yue Opera Art, and manage it to be a pageant of centenary Yue Opera and a gala for people.
More than 100 journalists from over 60 media such as People’s Daily and CCTV attended the press conference.

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