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Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee and Government unveiled Some Opinions on Accelerating Downtown Development
Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee and Government unveiled Some Opinions on Accelerating Downtown Development recently, which pointed out that downtown area is citywide political, economic and cultural center, and to accelerate downtown development and upgrade downtown development level is an internal requirement of taking the lead in development and enriching the city and people for Shaoxing, an important measure to implement the work thoughts of paying great importance to downtown development & guiding citywide development, and an inevitable choice for exerting demonstrating, driving, and radiating functions of downtown area, concerning the big picture of citywide development. The Party Committees and Governments at all levels should fully recognize the great significance of accelerating downtown development from the perspective of the overall picture and strategic height, further unify thoughts, and tangibly enhance the urgency and awareness of responsibility on accelerating downtown development.
According to Some Opinions on Accelerating Downtown Development, the overall requirements on accelerating downtown development are adhering to the work principles of paying great importance to downtown development & guiding citywide development by taking scientific development outlook and Eight-Eight Strategy of the Provincial Party Committee as the guidance and taking the lead in development and enriching the city and people as the theme, accelerating downtown industrialization, urbanization, and urban and rural integration process in light of the requirements of innovative development, intensive development, balanced development and harmonious development, promoting downtown better and faster development, constantly improving the comprehensive competitiveness of central Shaoxing, trying hard to take the lead in implementing scientific development outlook and constructing a harmonious society, and striving to exert the leading role of downtown in building Shaoxing into an economically strong city, a culturally strong city,  an ecologically city, and a harmonious city.
It’s put forward on Some Opinions on Accelerating Downtown Development that the main objectives on accelerating downtown development in the near future were that the economy would achieve new growth, and the growth rate would keep leading in the whole city; cultural construction would achieve new progress, protection and utilizing level on the famous historical and cultural city would keep leading in the country, general development level of social undertakings would keep leading in the province, and Shaoxing would be built into the national civilized city; ecological environment would achieve new improvement, ecological building and environment protection would take the lead in the city, and Shaoxing would successfully be built into China’s Best City for Human Residence and State-Level Ecological City; social harmony would achieve new progress, urban and rural balancing development net would be built early, social security system would be more perfect, the construction of democratic legal system would achieve new progress, the people would enjoy more comfortable lives, and the tasks on building a peaceful city would be basically realized; Shaoxing would achieve new upgrading on city function, try hard to realize over 90 percent urbanization in downtown area by 2010, basically form the big modern ecological city pattern, and the comprehensive strength of the central city would take the lead in Zhejiang.
The key tasks on accelerating downtown development were nailed down on Some Opinions on Accelerating Downtown Development. First, to exert efforts to building new development platform. Relevant departments at all levels should vigorously push the 2nd starting of Paojiang Industrial Zone, strengthen the development and construction of Jinhu New District, especially the Urban Wetland Park, accelerate the construction of Shaoxing Economic Development Zone, especially the Trade Center of Didang New City, energetically develop urban economy, and develop and upgrade city-level economies. Second, to exert efforts to accelerate restructuring. According to the requirements of optimizing primary industry, upgrading manufacturing industry, and making breakthrough of tertiary industry, relevant departments should push the development of the three industries integrally through comprehensive planning, shape a modern industrial system with mutual promotion and coordinated development of primary industry, manufacturing industry, and tertiary industry, and constantly improve urban economic competitiveness. Third, to exert efforts to strengthen urban construction and management. Relevant departments should intensify infrastructure construction, push the integration of Yuecheng, Paojiang, Keqiao, Jinhu, and Hangzhou Bay New Industrial City, pay adequate attention to the construction of key projects such as Cao’e Gate and Jia-Shaoxing Cross-River Channel, actively implement the construction of a batch of projects including ancient city protection, city upgrading, cultural tourism, and social undertakings, perfect urban management system, increase strength on comprehensive law enforcement, deepen the building work of a civilized city, and increase strength on renovating urban environment. Fourth, to exert efforts to push urban and rural balanced development. Relevant departments should initiatively implement the rebuilding of downtown villages (villages in districts, villages in zones) step by step, push the transformation of urban into suburb and suburb into modernized, balance downtown construction of key infrastructure and social undertakings, and take the lead in completing the construction of urban and rural balanced development net. Fifth, to exert efforts to enhance concentration capacity of factors. Relevant departments should vigorously develop and reasonably utilize land resource, increase support strength on sci-tech colleges, guide enterprises to increase sci-tech input, and advance the project of upgrading labor quality. Sixth, to exert efforts to innovate mechanism and system. Relevant departments should adhere to the principles of planning as a whole and jointly building the city, implement the joint-construct and joint-share mechanism of the city and district government in the central city, perfect the cooperation mechanism between commercial banks and enterprises, increase financial institutions’ support for downtown economy, deepen the reform of household registry system, employment and social security system, and land acquisition system, investment and financing system, and public undertakings. Seventh, to exert efforts to push the construction of a harmonious society. Relevant departments should constantly improve civilized quality of the citizens, accelerate the construction of harmonious communities, tangibly safeguard legitimate rights and interests of the people, strengthen comprehensive management on social security, address all kinds of social conflicts by law, and tangibly safeguard the safety of the people’s lives and property.
Specific requirements on enhancing organization and leadership, paying adequate attention to planning and guiding, perfecting support policies, increasing strength of evaluation and enhancing resultant force of development are also put forward on Some Opinions on Accelerating Downtown Development.

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