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Ningbo Municipal Party and Government Delegation visited Shaoxing
Accompanied by Shaoxing Municipal Leaders Wang Yongchang, Zhang Jinru, Chen Changxing, Shu Binyan, Zheng Jiwei, and Qi Kuanming, Ningbo Municipal Party and Government Delegation led by Mao Guanglie, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Ningbo, visited Shaoxing yesterday.
At the introduction conference of Ningbo-Shaoxing, on behalf of Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee, People’s Congress, Government, and Political Consultative Conference, Party Secretary Wang Yongchang extended warm welcome to the coming of Ningbo Municipal Party and Government Delegation. He said that Ningbo has always been taking the lead in reform, opening-up, and economic development in Zhejiang and China, and accumulated and created some good experiences, ideas, and measures, which are worthy of reference for Shaoxing. Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, introduced Shaoxing’s economic and social development and sci-tech system innovation.
Mao Guanglie said that Shaoxing has accumulated valuable experiences on innovative development, energy saving and emission reduction, balancing rural and urban development, social management, well-being, and insurance, which are worthy of learning for Ningbo. He expressed gratitude for Shaoxing’s vigorous support on Eastern Zhejiang Water Diversion Project and Hangzhou Bay Sea-crossing Bridge, and hoped to enhance all-round communication with Shaoxing, especially in steel, electric power, petrochemical, trade, logistics, and infrastructure, and create a new stage of long-term cooperation and common prosperity of the two cities.
During the stay in Shaoxing, Ningbo Municipal Party and Government Delegation paid on-the-spot visits to relevant enterprises.

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