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Zhang Jinru stressed: improve recognition, enhance measures, and fulfill responsibilities
The National Video Conference on the Implementation work of Late Phase Supporting Policies for Reservoir Migrants was convened yesterday afternoon. Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, and Vice Mayor Xie Weixing attended the sub conference in Shaoxing.
After the National Video Conference, Zhang Jinru stressed that relevant departments should further improve recognition. Implementing late phase supporting policies for reservoir migrants is an inevitable need for implementing scientific development outlook and promoting balanced and coordinated development, an inevitable need for building a harmonious society and safeguarding social stability, an inevitable need for help reservoir migrants strive for a relatively comfortable life, and also an inevitable need for push the protection of water resources and reasonably develop and utilize water resources. Relevant departments should thoroughly implement late phase supporting policies for reservoir migrants, transform work styles, and regulate management according to the decisions and deployments made by the Central Party, further enhance measures, spare no time in weaving migrant plans, further fulfill responsibilities, tangibly pay adequate attention to the implementation work, and seek benefits for reservoir migrants. Relevant departments should go all out, and guarantee social harmony and stability.

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