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China·Shaoxing Tea Culture Festival kicked off yesterday
When spring blossoms and tea fragrance spills, jointly sponsored by Shaoxing Municipal Government and Zhejiang Provincial Agricultural Office, 2007’ China·Shaoxing Tea Culture Festival kicked off ceremoniously at downtown City Square yesterday morning. Chen Ziyuan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and former President of Zhejiang Agricultural Univesrity, Cheng Weishan, Director of Zhejiang Provincial Agricultural Office, Xing Zuirong, Vice Director of Zhejiang Provincial Agricultural Office, Shen Caitu, Vice Chairperson of China International Tea Culture Seminar, Jiang Yongwen, Executive Head of the Tea Institute of Chinese Academy of Agriculture, and Municipal Leaders Wang Yongchang, Zhang Jinru, Huang Qiufang, Gu Qiulin, Qiu Jinlou, Chen Changxing, and Zhang Weibo, attended the opening ceremony. Vice Mayor Liao Juanqing presided over the opening ceremony. At 10:50 am, Party Secretary Wang Yongchang declared the opening of 2007’ China·Shaoxing Tea Culture Festival.
Chen Ziyuan said in his speech that Shao had a long history of tea production and was a famous hometown of tea in China. As a key national tea production area, Shaoxing has had a dense atmosphere of prospering tea industry using technology, carried forward tea production, processing, trade, and comprehensive utilization, and tea culture, taken the lead in Zhejiang and China, and achieved good economic benefits and social benefits in recent years. The ceremonious staging of the Tea Culture Festival will fully reveal Shaoxing’s long history of tea production, solid strength of tea production, and flourishing tea culture, which will surely promote the process of building Shaoxing into a green tea capital and make greater contribution to the development of nationwide tea industry and prosper of nationwide tea culture.
On behalf of Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee and Government, Zhang Jinru, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Shaoxing, extended warm welcome to the coming of the leaders at all levels and honorable guests from all walks of life. He said that tea was the most competitive and featured product of Shaoxing’s agricultural products and well-known for its long history, unique flavor, profound cultural deposit, solid industrial foundation, and perfect market network across the world. Jishan Mountain and Jianhu Lake foster famous tea, and tea capital is founded over one thousand years. As a famous historical and cultural city, Shaoxing held the Festival aiming at revealing Shaoxing’s long history of tea production and solid strength of tea production and establishing the brand of famous city·green tea capital.
After the opening ceremony, all leaders and guests watched famous tea frying performance and tea art performance in high spirits.

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