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China (Shaoxing) International Textile Expo to open in late October
It’s reported from the Working Conference on a Series Activities of 2007’ China (Shaoxing) International Textile Expo which was convened yesterday that in the second half of the year, in the manner of joint actions between culture and trade and between the city and county, Shaoxing would comprehensively stage a series of activities including the 3rd China Shaoxing Luxun Culture Art Festival, Orchid Pavilion Gathering of Chinese Calligraphy Circle, and China Shaoxing Rice Wine Festival with 2007’ China (Shaoxing) International Textile Expo as the leading activity. Municipal Leaders Shi Jixi, Tan Zhigui, Xu Huanming and Xie Weixing attended the conference.
It’ learned that 2007’ China (Shaoxing) International Textile Expo would be staged during late October and early November. The activities of the Textile Expo include the opening ceremony, the Awarding Ceremony of the 2nd Grand Reaching Out Award of Chinese Textile and Garments Media & Development Forum on Chinese Textile and Garments Brand, Matching Activity for Enterprises and Merchants, and Trend Release of Clothes and Materials. The 3rd China Shaoxing Luxun Culture Art Festival will present the 4th Awarding Ceremony of Luxun Literature Prize, the Initiating Ceremony of the Exhibition Hall for Prize-winning Works of Luxun Literature Prize, Shaoxing in the Eyes of Famous Writers, Luxun Style- Lecture Series of Contemporary Writers, Week of Excellent Movies about Luxun, Exhibition Performance of 2006’ Top Ten Plays of National Stage Art, Opening Ceremony of Shaoxing Museum of Yue Culture, Nationwide Fair of Curio and Tourist Products & 1st Shaoxing Expo of Cultural Industry, and Joint Art Performances in Rural Areas. The 1st Orchid Pavilion Gathering of Chinese Calligraphy Circle will stage Orchid Pavilion Exhibition of Forty-Two Masters of Chinese Calligraphy Circle, Biannual Exhibition of Orchid Pavilion Calligraphy, and Orchid Pavilion Forum. Shaoxing Rice Wine Festival will include the Opening Ceremony of China Rice Wine Museum and Symposium on Shaoxing’s Rice Wine Industry.     
Numerous activities will also be staged in each County (City/District). The 5th Zhejiang Furniture Expo will be staged in Yuecheng District, the 8th China International Socks Expo will be held in Zhuji City, 2007’ EU-China Zhejiang (Shangyu) Investment and Trade Fair will be staged in Shangyu City, 2007’ China Necktie Festival will be staged in Shengzhou City, and the 9th Xinchang Tourism Festival will be held in Xinchang County.

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