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Si Xinliang stressed: tangibly strengthen petition work & promote social harmony and stability

Si Xinliang, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Director of Zhejiang Provincial Organization Department, and Vice Governor Wang Yongming, led the Heads of relevant departments to participate in the activity of meeting the masses yesterday morning in Yuecheng District. Si Xinliang stressed that the heads at all levels should cherish deep feelings for the people, integrate the requirements of improving people’s well-being into the implementation of petition work, solve difficulties for the masses from the heart, try hard to promote social harmony and stability, and greet the successful convening of the 17th Party Congress with excellent achievements. Municipal Leaders Wang Yongchang, Zhang Jinru, Shi Jixi, Fang Jianping, Chen Changxing, Xie Weixing and Main Heads of Yuecheng District, and Heads of relevant departments, joined the activity.

At the symposium on petition work held later, Si Xinliang debriefed situation reports on Shaoxing and Yuecheng District’ economic and social development and petition work. Si Xinliang pointed out that Shaoxing City and Yuecheng District had earnestly carried out scientific development outlook, and tangibly strengthened the leadership on petition work and social stability while pushing forward economic and social development.

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