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Overall Plan for Shaoxing Tourist Dev.(2006-2020) unveiled
The hometown of Yue, Water, and Culture will be Shaoxing’s tourist impression for nationwide and worldwide visitors, and Shaoxing’s tourism will be a shining golden name card of Shaoxing. Shaoxing Municipal Government unveiled the Overall Plan for Shaoxing’s Tourist Development (2006-2020) recently, describing a bright development prospect.
It’s nailed down on the Overall Plan that Shaoxing’s tourism will walk up a road of city driving, brand pulling, industrial interacting, and cooperation impelling, converting scenic spot driving to city driving and solving tourist development bottlenecks of relative laggard of inbound tourist development, comparatively short of the length of visitors’ stay, and low per capita consumption.   
The space layout of One-Heart, Two-Belts, and Seven-Zones for Shaoxing’s tourism was set down on the Overall Plan. The heart is Jishan Mountain, Jianhu Lake, and Yue Capital, two belts are tourist belt along Cao’e River and tourist belt along Puyang River, and seven zones are tourist zone of ancient Yue’s Capital, tourist zone of Kuaiji Mountain-Orchid Pavilion, tourist zone of Jianhu Lake-Keyan, tourist zone of Great Buddha Temple-Nineteen Peaks, tourist zone of Cao’e River, tourist zone of seeking the roots of Yue Opera, and tourist zone of Huanjiang River-Wuxie.
Meanwhile, water tourism will be vigorously explored, night Shaoxing will be built, a brand of cultural tourism will be established, and commercial tourism will be strengthened in the central city. King Yue’s City, Rice Wince City, Water Tourism, Jinhu Wetland Park, Kuaiji Mountain Tourist Resort, and Didang New City under construction will also be the highlights of Shaoxing’s tourism.  
It’s introduced that according to the Overall Plan, Shaoxing will not only be built into an international tourist destination of culture and commerce and a tourist destination with richest cultural characteristics in China, but also be built into a sub-central city within Zhejiang’s core tourist circle. In accordance with the strategic steps of the Overall Plan, during 2006-2010, Shaoxing will exert efforts to upgrade tourist functions of the central city, accelerate the construction of scenic spots and resorts, strengthen the exploration of inbound market, self-drive market, and commercial market, gradually extend the stay time of visitors and increase per capital consumption, and basically built itself into an economically strong tourist city; during 2011-2020, Shaoxing will further perfect establishments, improve service and management levels, establish a marketing network integrated with the world, form a benign interactive circuit of demand and supply, and build itself into an economically strong tourist city in an all-round way.

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