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Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Shaoxing

On May 7, 1949, led by Ma Qing, Commander of the 2nd Column of East Zhejiang Liberation Army, Shaoxing was liberated by his troops. Yesterday, jointly sponsored by Political Department of Shaoxing Military Sub Region, Party History Research Office of the CPC Shaoxing Municipal Committee, and Shaoxing Web, a commemorative activity “retracing the liberation march of Shaoxing” was held in order to commemorate this special liberation day.
Yesterday morning, ranks of over 100 aged soldiers and the masses that participated in and experienced the liberation of Shaoxing, officers and soldiers of Shaoxing Military Sub Region, college students, nearby community dwellers, and vast net friends, in 24 cars, started from Shaoxing Daily to Zhuji Fengqiao, with uniform battle fatigues and the badges of this activity. They marched along the route of the liberation army, so as to commemorate this historic day together.

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