Sending gifts to each other at Farewell Ceremony

Date:2010-07-27 09:20
At farewell ceremony, “Welcome again to Shaoxing”, Lou Huashui, the head of choral village in Shaoxing Secondary Technical School, said warmly to the Aquinas University of Legaspi Chorale. The Chorale is leaving Shaoxing when they finish all their competitions tomorrow.

At the farewell ceremony, Lou Huashui sent works of calligraphy to the Aquinas University of Legaspi Chorale and invited them warmly to come to Shaoxing again. The leader of the Chorale expressed their gratitude to the forthcoming service of volunteers and workers, and sent them the souvenirs of their university.

The Aquinas University of Legaspi Chorale also visited Lu Xun’s Native Place and the old Anchang Town and other scenic spots in Shaoxing during their stay in the 6th WCG.

Source:Shaoxing Daily