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Zhejiang-born woman Michelle Jin wins US bodybuilding championship

A 40-year-old woman from China has won the National Physique Committee Junior USA Championship this month, and was also featured in Muscular Development, a famous American bodybuilding magazine, the Wenzhou Evening news reported.
Michelle Jin, born in a village of Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, went to the US 18 years ago when she was 22.
Jin said she spent more than four months preparing for the contest. According to her, the hardest part was diet control. "I can only eat chicken breast, fish, and vegetables, and take pain killers to relieve my leg aches."
Introduced to bodybuilding in 2005, Jin said she was reluctant at first, as she didn't believe that a woman with muscles would look beautiful. However, she quickly became obsessed with bodybuilding.
After the win, Jin said she planned to get a fitness coaching certificate and find a stable job.

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