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Woman in Zhejiang sent flying after a runaway tyre crashes into her

This footage captures the horribly unlucky moment a female passenger is sent flying over a motorway barrier by a rogue tyre after she got out of her car on the hard shoulder.

The one-minute clip shows the white vehicle halt on the side of a busy motorway in China - with passenger Ms Guo emerging from the front seat to stretch her legs.

Within seconds, a huge tyre which has fallen off the wheel of a lorry, is seen hurtling towards her with such force that it catapults her from the tarmac and violently bends the passenger door.

The unbelievable incident, captured on CCTV, happened on the side of a highway in Zhejiang Province, eastern China, in December.

The footage shows the hefty tyre rolling along the hard shoulder as Ms Gou stands looking over the side of the road - oblivious to the incoming danger.

As she is hit, her legs are seen flying over the metal barrier before a shocked driver jumps out and runs around the car to find her.

Amazingly, Ms Guo escaped with just three broken bones and is recovering from her injuries in hospital.

Police said the woman and the lorry driver were both partly responsible for the accident because the car was parked illegally and the lorry did not comply with safety regulations.

The shocking clip was uploaded to YouTube and has been watched thousands of times.

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