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Abandoned 'ghost village' in Zhejiang turned into a tourist spot

An abandoned village in East China has suddenly become a tourist spot for its natural ecology and fine views. A house in the village that was once worthless could now sell for 1 million yuan ($161,100).
Once home to a population of about 2,000, Houtuowan village gradually lost its attraction over the years. It now has only two regular residents after three decades of losing inhabitants.
Left almost untouched, the village has retained much of its original appearance and has suddenly come to be a tourist attraction. The entire town is visible from a hill, offering a wonderful view of the sky, sea and mountain. Abandoned for decades, local houses are covered with natural plants and vines.
Once called a "ghost village," Houtuowan quietly changed its nickname to "uninhabited village" in order not to deter tourists.
Houtuowan is located on Shengshan island, Zhejiang province in East China. It is not easy to travel there by boat, which is the only feasible transportation option. By 1995, many villagers, mostly fishermen, were driven out by changes in the fishing industry. For many, leaving the area also meant a better education for their children.
A tourist from Dalian, Liaoning province, rushed to visit the village. "I'm afraid the natural scenery could be exploited if I leave it too late," he said.
Such worries are not unreasonable, as an excavator can already be seen hovering in the area.
Now that the village is becoming popular again, many original residents are paying attention to their former homes. One of them even hopes to sell his house in the village for 1 million yuan.

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