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“At-Most-One-Time Presence” Service at Local Taxation Administrations across Zhejiang

Since this year local taxation administrations across Zhejiang have made great efforts to improve their service in response to the requirements from Zhejiang Government regarding the phase-in of “At-most-one-time presence” service. Taking the people’s need into consideration, local taxation administrations have streamlined 54 taxation procedures and simplified materials required for 180 tax formalities, conducive to tax payers. Better methods include “backups for retrieval” and “replacement of application for reporting” regarding preferential policies.
So far 96% of local tax items can be done with the help of the brand-new “at-most-one-time presence” service, and 63% of the items can be settled with “zero presence”. Also, up till now, Zhejiang Provincial Local Taxation Administration has checked how “at-most-one-time presence” service is carried out at local taxation administrations in 10 cities so as to achieve better efficiency.

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