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Tight Measures Well Underway as Heavy Rains Near

First heavy rains of this year’s monsoon season in Zhejiang may well fall from the evening of May 31 to June 1, with Lishui and Wenzhou most vulnerably suffering isolated torrential rains. The Office of Zhejiang Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters made it clear that local authorities shall tighten preventive measures to mitigate looming secondary disasters posed by the short-duration heavy rains.
Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory indicates heavy precipitation, in response to the interplay of southwest warm and humid air and a weak cold front, is possible from the evening of May 31 to June 1 across the province. Rainstorms and torrential rains are possible in south Zhejiang, with isolated torrential rains nearing Lishui and Wenzhou; and north Zhejiang, turning from cloudy to overcast, will see showers or thunderstorms. On June 2, Zhejiang will be cloudy with the south shifting from cloudy to overcast. On June 1, a lower temperature might occur, with daytime max generally between 26℃and 28℃.
Across the province, local departments in charge of flood prevention have already implemented precautions in response to heavy rain forecast. More specifically, Wenzhou Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters published a notice on the afternoon of May 31 to make some specific preventive arrangements. Via one-on-one telephone instructions, Lishui Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters implemented preventive measures in its 173 townships, in addition to random check, based on responsibilities database, of people who are responsible for front-line flood control and disaster relief.
Also, a working group from the Office of State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters arrived in Wenzhou on the evening of May 31 to guide the local flood control as Wenzhou is predicted to be the center of the coming heavy rains.

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