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Zhejiang to Build 100 Quality Roads and 100 Excellent City Entrances

On June 19, reporters learned from the provincial office of "Three Transformations and One Demolition" that, according to the 2017 related work requirements of the provincial "Three Transformations and One Demolition" and “Four Sides and Three Reforms” actions, in order to promote the beautiful urban-rural construction featuring poetic Jiangnan charm, Zhejiang will build 100 provincial level quality roads and 100 provincial level excellent city entrances.
The "Double Hundred" creation action, coordinated by the provincial office of "Three Transformations and One Demolition", will organize relevant provincial professional departments and the experts in transportation planning and design, urban and rural planning, and landscaping to check the acceptance of the high-quality roads and city entrances through both on-site inspection and data evaluation. The construction of the selected provincial level boutique roads should intensively demonstrate the achievements of local environmental remediation, for which the length for expressways, national and provincial highways should be no less than 10 kilometers in principle and county and township roads no less than 5 kilometers. The construction of provincial level boutique city entrances should be high-speed entries in principle, and the selected areas need to be within the visible ranges surrounding the toll zones, including highway ramps, toll plazas, and connecting lines.

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