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Zhejiang Further Promotes “Internet Plus Human Resources and Social Security” Action

On the morning of June 22, the National Symposium on the Promotion of the “Internet Plus Human Resources and Social Security” Action was held in Hangzhou. Yin Weimin, Minster of Human Resources and Social Security, attended the symposium. Reporters learned that Zhejiang will further promote the “Internet Plus Human Resources and Social Security” Action. And by 2020 it will achieve a diversified development on a large scale, in a bid to build a fair and inclusive public service system characterized by convenience and efficiency.
In recent years, Zhejiang has comprehensively streamlined the services in relation to human resources and social security with further simplified procedures and improved services, promoting the “seven unification” of the subject items, namely, main project name, sub-project name, applicable basis, application material, application procedures, working process, and time frame for the application in the province. So far, 39 items at the provincial level have been improved with required application material reduced by 27% and the amount of work time reduced by 57%. Information needed such as that about insurance fees and provincial professional and technical qualifications is available online for self-service printing.

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