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Safety Conditions at Workplaces in Zhejiang Getting Better than Stable

Reporters learned from a feedback briefing on August 18 that safety conditions at workplaces in Zhejiang are getting better than stable. The briefing was held by the State Council Work Safety Commission to update supervision feedback from the nationwide inspection on workplace safety. The inspection indicates that Zhejiang has made positive progress in workplace safety as the number of accidents of all kinds and the number of people who died due to such accidents respectively dropped 32.1% and 24.7% year on year from January to July.
It is learned that the No. 2 Inspection Group of the State Council Work Safety Committee conducted a province-wide inspection on work safety in Zhejiang from August 13 to 18. The Inspection Group was further divided into three teams which took field trips to inspect the 4 municipalities of Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing and Lishui, and 7 urban districts and/or counties and 10 townships and/or sub-districts in addition to 33 local enterprises within these municipalities.
Since the inspection work started, the province has examined more than 48,000 enterprises, investigated and rectified respectively 129,000 and 109,000 potential safety hazards, stopped production and business operation of 540 enterprises, closed down and withheld licenses of 259 and 42 enterprises respectively, and 31 persons concerned are prosecuted for their criminal liability. In addition, the province has also launched a comprehensive pilot work to build the double prevention mechanism, in a bid to impel Ningbo to take the lead nationwide on the work of safety production. 11 municipalities and 20 key counties in the province have made the safety development plan of the chemical industry. The installation rate of enterprise “Two Keys and One Major” automation system has reached over 95%, promoting the establishment of the special committee of “1+X”safety production in 11 cities and 68 counties (cities and districts), which plays a demonstrative role in the country.
The Inspection Group believed that there are still some weaknesses in the province’s safety production work, which are mainly shown in the implementation of the primary responsibility, accident prevention and control, safety supervision of law enforcement work, etc.

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