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Eyesight Protection:
Full Coverage of Inspection Brings Effectiveness of Rectification and Benefits to People

For days, governments at all levels have carefully followed all the requirements of the Central Environmental Protection Inspection Group, and the provincial party committee and government. With active attitudes and cooperation towards the problems pointed out by the Central Environmental Protection Inspection Group, governments at all levels in Zhejiang province have accepted fully, analyzed in depth and timely rectified to ensure that the inspection work can be carried out orderly, forcefully and effectively. People in various localities have given thumps-up to the effective inspection work. All the people indicated that the Central environmental protection inspection has brought benefits to people, which granted them with more confidence in building their fine homeland.

Yiwu: Leaving the sludge for soil rehabilitation
On the morning of August 19, Yiwu Municipal Government received a correspondence forwarded from the No. 2 Central Government Environmental Inspection Group which required that the reported case be handled properly. According to the correspondence, some 500 m3 sewage sludge was piled up by the Taohuawu Tunnel in the township of Shangxi, which has left the trees nearby dying. The person who reported the case also feared that on rainy days rampant sewage may contaminate Yankou Reservoir, the source of drinking water for people living downstream. By the time this press release was being produced, the organization responsible for the sludge had already compensated for the peach trees thus damaged, and local government had leased back the landfill site where the sludge was dumped. Given that the sludge is rich in organic fertilizer, it will be left where it is to rehabilitate soil. When conditions like climate permit, trees will be planted there to offer roadside landscape.
Songyang: Sewers Improvement Almost Finalized
On the afternoon of August 18, several plumbers were busy fixing broken sewers in Andaihou Village in the township of Anmin, Songyang County. It was the improvement work organized by the CPC Songyang County Committee and the People’s Government of Songyang County in response to the correspondence forwarded from the No. 2 Central Government Environmental Inspection Group which required the reported case of broken sewers be resolved properly. Xu Jinlan, a local villager told reporters that as the broken sewers were being fixed, fellow villagers living nearby found the previous stink seemed to have disappeared.


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