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Zhejiang’s Social Security Basically Realizes Shift from “Full Coverage of the System” to “Full Coverage of the Residents”

Recently, reporters learned from Zhejiang Province Human Resources and Social Security Department that as of the end of June, the numbers of the insured people in the insurance areas of basic endowment, basic health care services, injury and reproduction were 37.99 million, 51.96 million, 19.16 million and 13.32 million respectively, a net increase of 590 thousand, 180 thousand, 350 thousand and 380 thousand respectively than that of the end of last year.
In the past five years, the province insisted on contributing more than two-thirds of financial expenditures increment to people’s livelihood in a bid to balance the social insurance system for urban and rural residents, establish the health insurance system of serious illnesses so that the shift from “full coverage of the system” to “full coverage of the residents” can be basically realized in the field of social security.

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