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Zhejiang Takes the Lead in Construction Engineering to Overhaul As-Built Survey

In collaboration with 10 provincial administrations and agencies responsible for, respectively, development and reform, archives management, public security, fiscal and finance, land and resources, civil air defense, data management, surveying, mapping and geo-information, prices and meteorology, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development rolled out days ago the reform in construction engineering to integrate as-built survey, verification and acceptance. Being the first of its kind across the country, the overhaul is a major move made by Zhejiang to deepen the reform of “At-most-one-time presence” services, optimize project examination, approval and oversight of corporate investment, remove bottlenecks and barriers to verification survey and acceptance of construction projects upon completion, aiming for a heightened sense of gains on the part of enterprises.
The overhaul follows the “4 Ones” principle: “one-ruler” yardstick, one organization, one databank and one network. More specifically, the reform aims to establish in an all-round way a standardization system of joint as-built survey and verification that is coordinated and unified; foster a team of professionals capable of conducting joint as-built survey and verification in a comprehensive manner; establish in an all-round way a regulatory system of as-built verification and acceptance where one organization or multiple entities in charge of joint survey and verification in addition to regulation exercised by relevant agencies assuming their own functions; and promote in a comprehensive fashion a province-wide government cloud platform that integrates online government and data sharing based on a databank of electronic images generated via as-built survey in construction engineering. In short, the overhaul aims to put in place a construction engineering solution that basically makes “At-most-one-time presence” a new normal while multiple presence an exception in conducting as-built verification and acceptance.


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